The Top Indian Restaurants In Tel Aviv

Kapilkumar Ingle

Over the course of history, many Europeans came to India in search of spices, so great was their love for Indian cuisine. Indians now travel all over the world with the same delicious spices, creating delicious curries for all. Here in Tel Aviv, you can find the same genuine taste of India at a few select restaurants, mostly concentrated in the southern neighborhoods of the city. We bring you our top selection.

Courtesy of 24 Rupees

24 Rupees

If you want to eat Indian food with an authentic taste, 24 Rupees is the place to go. When you enter, remember to remove your footwear, as this is the common custom in India. 24 Rupees will provide you with delicious vegetarian Indian thalli full of traditional delicacies. Don’t forget to ask for pickles, they’re free with the meal.

24 Rupees, 14-16 Shoken Street, Tel Aviv

Salam Bombay Image Courtesy of Harold Silber

1. Salam Bombay

Restaurant, Indian

If you are in the mood for traditional, homemade Indian food then you are in the perfect place. Salam Bombay will provide you with the perfect typical Indian lunch fare at a reasonable price. As it only serves lunch, this place is generally crowded but don’t worry, you can take the food to go and enjoy it at home.

2. Indira

Restaurant, Indian

If you’re looking for Indian and Israeli fusion cuisine, Indira is a perfect option. There are many dishes for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers, and also many appetizers and soups available. You can enjoy the typical Indian fast food samosa here. Indira offers all the iconic dishes and cuisine of northern India. Indian breads (chapatti, roti or nan) serve as the perfect accompaniment for curries.


The meaning of the word tandoori is ‘food cooked in a tandoor,’ the traditional Indian oven that makes the food so delicious. The restaurant Tandoori is located near Dizengoff Square in central Tel Aviv. In addition to Tandoor’s special dishes, vegetarian options are on offer such as the paneer dishes. Tandoori also has many vegan dishes available.

Tandoori, 2 Zamenhoff Street, Tel Aviv

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