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Leeor Cohen

Tel Aviv is famous for having both one of the greatest art and nightlife scenes in the world. There is a hand-full of bars in Tel Aviv that follow this artsy trend by tastefully combining drinks in a venue which is more resembling of an art gallery than a pub. Below we explore the top five artsiest bars in the cultural capital of Israel.

Heder 140 Décor

1. Heder 140

Art Gallery

Kuli Alma Art Gallery Night
Courtesy Ben Palhov
Located on Ben Yehuda, the name of the bar, meaning room in Hebrew, speaks for itself. As you walk in you’ll immediately feel right at home. Unique and retro in its own way, the cozy bedroom-size setting is far from a typical Tel Aviv pub. Committed to keeping things innovative, Heder 140 is notorious for welcoming the best DJs in town and art of the most talented artists. Enjoying a cold beer or a delicious cocktail surrounded by their impressive décor exhibiting ‘artist of the month’ on the walls is highly recommended. Every night they offer a 1+1 deal on their entire menu until 10:30. Heder 140 has such a special vibe it would be hard not to fall in love with this place.

2. Kuli Alma

Music Venue

Kuli Alma is the funkiest bar in Tel Aviv that is very active on the music and art scene. With their exceptional artistic design, food, and variety of drinks menu it is no surprise this bar has been the ‘it’ place of Tel Aviv since its opening in March of 2014. Owned and operated by the top Tel Aviv DJ’s, artists, and nightlife personas, Kuli Alma knows how to deliver to their patrons and is committed to serving the most abnormal, out of the box experience to their customers. Kuli Alma Indoor Décor | Courtesy Guy Nachum Levy


In the heart of buzzing Rothschild Boulevard lies this underground hot spot. The eccentric artistic design, impeccable bar and drinks options, complimented by their cool and trendy ambiance, Buxa is always a night to remember. You can choose to get lost in the free-spirited dance room downstairs, or choose to sit in the open-air bar section surrounded by graffitied walls and unconventional art displays. Not to be missed.

BuXa, Rothschild Blvd 13, Tel Aviv, Israel

Inside Radio

3. Radio EPGB

Nightclub, Pub Grub

In an urban chic setting, with the trendiest furnishings and graffiti painted walls, Radio is notorious amongst Tel Aviv’s underground dance bar scene. One of the hottest spots in town, as you walk in you will immediately feel as though you have stepped into a cool East Village, New York City bar. If you are an artist, an aspiring artist, or just love art – this is your place to be. Just like their music, the atmosphere of this place ranges and can be anything from intimate party to lively rave. Evening at Saloona | Courtesy Saloona Art Bar

Saloona Art Bar

Located in the Noga neighborhood of Jaffa, Saloona is an intriguing bar that revolves around stunning art. The bar has been a hit for 11 years since its opening in 2004 – a rare and impressive accomplishment in the competitive Tel Aviv night life. Saloona hosts sophisticated art exhibitions and showcases of the top local artists. They have an extensive drinks menu of delicious cocktails, wines, and beers that you can enjoy in their intimate setting. We highly recommend an outing to this artsy gem of stunning Old Jaffa.

Saloona Art Bar, Tirtsa St. 17, Tel Aviv, Israel
Leeor Cohen

Leeor Cohen is a student at Tel Aviv University studying Communications and Psychology. Born in America and raised in Tel Aviv, she enjoys traveling and immersing herself in all different types of cultures. Leeor loves to write all about her experiences around the world, she believes that laughter is the cure to anything, and follows the mantra ‘Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat.’

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