A Photo-Journey Of Shuk HaCarmel And The Yemenite Quarter

Eat Your Vegtables
Eat Your Vegtables | © Gabriela Kramer
Gabriela Kramer

The bustling area known as Shuk HaCarmel, the Carmel Market, is a must-see. Asa featured attraction in central Tel Aviv, the market is adventure-filled and unique. Walking around and exploring the streets evokes a cultural excitement, especially for those not local to the city. Tel Aviv is eclectic, especially the Yemenite Quarter and Shuk HaCarmel. It is located right by the sea and also minutes away from the surrounding neighborhoods of South and Northern Tel Aviv. Photographer Gabriela Kramer portrays a day in the life of someone walking through the streets of the Market and the Yemenite Quarter.
Smells, faces, colors, tastes and the hustle and bustle are what make up the different parts of this cozy neighborhood, while the market’s energy defines the character of this slice of Tel Aviv.

Magic of Yishkon

Taking a stroll through the lively market is quintessential to Tel Aviv. Where words fail to describe this experience, the images capture something beautiful, wild and raw. Let these photographs of the Carmel Market and Yemenite Quarter broaden your imagination while taking on an unusual perspective of Tel Aviv’s central, sometimes touristic, attraction.

The Parliament

The Yemenite Quarter was the first establishment of Jews in Tel Aviv in 1881, making it one of the most historically rich quarters in Tel Aviv.

New Life

As you walk through the streets, you feel as though you have been transported back in time to a little village, away from the city center. A passerby can still see the old Yemenites sitting in the streets, playing cards, having coffee or eating hummus at the iconic Shlomo and Doron.


The neighborhood is extremely friendly and also attracts the younger generation; many students and young people populate the area, due in part to the recent gentrification and close proximity to the seaside.


The authenticity and the style of the urban landscape tell a vibrant yet deeply rooted story of the neighborhood. In recent years, with the addition of bars, cafés, and live music, the Quarter has become even more of an attraction.


One of these latest additions is the Beer Bazar, which opened on the corner of Yishkon and Yom Tov Street, the core streets of the neighborhood. It serves a variety of Israeli beers, enjoyed with a fun and homey feel.

Be Spicy Be Unique

Yom Tov Café, another local spot, is a great place to people-watch and sit in the heart of the Kerem. The café is a foodie favorite, especially with the upcoming expansion of their beloved kitchen.

Yom Tov Café

One of the newest additions to the Kerem is Balienjera, a delicious Ethiopian eatery, complete with friendly faces and an authentic menu. The first of its kind in Israel, it’s spearheaded by one of Ethiopia’s most prominent chefs.


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