20 Photos to Make You Fall in Love With Tel Aviv

Israelis play volleyball on Tel Avivs beach
Israelis play volleyball on Tel Aviv's beach | Shay Bello, courtesy
Ben Jakob

With great beaches and a laid back culture, Tel Aviv is a picture-perfect city. From a world-famous gay-friendly attitude, to amazing street art and cafes overflowing with people on weekdays, here are 20 pictures that are sure to make you fall in love with the White City and Jaffa.

In Tel Aviv, beach culture rules supreme

With some of the best beaches in the country, locals treat the beach as an integral part of their lives, good for everything from a workout to reading your morning newspaper.

Man sits on one of Tel Aviv’s beach reading a newspaper, ’cause that’s what’s the beach is for of you can go everyday
Bike rides along on the beach with Tel Aviv’s new boardwalk
Israelis play volleyball on Tel Aviv’s beach

Small streets, big beauty

Within the walls of Old Jaffa and the tony Neve Tzedek neighborhood, you can find beautiful winding streets highlighting the historic side of the 100-year-old city, with Jaffa being one of the oldest port towns in the world.

A hidden old door in Jaffa’s Old City’s port
A picturesque house on a picturesque street in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek
A small street in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter

Markets and crafts, oh my

Like many places in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is famous for its markets. Whether it’s the finest fruits and vegetables in the Carmel Market or nifty trinkets from the Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market or Jaffa’s Flea Market.

Colorful trinkets made by colorful folks at Tel Aviv’s Arts and Crafts Market on Nahalat Binyamin
Jaffa’s Flea Market
Only the best cherries at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market
A young woman enjoys Israel’s best fruit (yup, it’s not a vegetable!) at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market.

Tel Aviv is THE gay capital of Israel and the region

With an annual gay pride parade that brings tens of thousands to the city every year, Tel Aviv is so gay friendly, it’s almost hard to notice sometimes.

Tel Aviv is famously gay friendly

Other times, it’s not hard at all, as town hall itself has not only embraced the city’s warm embrace of the LGBTQ commuinty, but spearheaded it as a local gay tourism hot spot, even painting the streets with the colors of pride.


Gay pride graffiti at the gay pride parade

Drink juice and chill

With such a laid back culture, its hard to figure out sometimes when people in the city are working, even when they are at work themselves. Rife with fresh juice shops, this Tel Aviv vendor says it all.

Juice stands are common in Tel Aviv, as is lazing around

This photo was taken on a weekday, in the morning, when you were at work.

Tel Avivians drink coffee on a weekday at Cafe Yom Tov

And when town hall puts beach chairs throughout the city, its hard to blame residents for just chilling in the sun.

With beach chairs in central locations, relaxing is a city pastime

The city also has tons of hidden gems run by colorful characters, like this sweet hole-in-the wall book store run by the Halper family.

Tel Aviv’s full of hidden secrets – like the hole-in-the wall Halper’s Books store on Allenby

Street art turns Tel Aviv into an ironic canvass

With world famous street art, Tel Aviv’s graffiti artists have turned the city into an ironic canvas of sorts, juxtaposing local urban life with the strange and cryptic:

Tel Aviv is rife with great street art
Waves break behind a giant graffiti mural in Jaffa’s Old Port
Sometime works of art can work while we rest

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