Where To Buy Tartan In Glasgow, Scotland

Tartan Shirt | © Daria Nepriakhina/Flickr
Tartan Shirt | © Daria Nepriakhina/Flickr
Photo of Tori Chalmers
27 February 2017

Tartan is one of those patterns that can never lose its lustre. Just a touch of it can make an outfit. Whether you’re after subtle plaid trimmings or a more bold statement garment, there’s no better place to find the real McCoy than in Scotland. Here, we round up the best haunts in Glasgow for tartan.

The Glasgow Vintage Company.

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A perfectly preserved time capsule selling the best wares from the ’50s all the way to the ’80s, The Glasgow Vintage Company is always worth a visit. The shop, which is beautifully laid out, sports tartan gems in the form of woollen capes, flannel shirts, silk tartan dresses, wide-legged tartan trewsand cosy blankets. With reasonable prices and brilliant finds, this beauty is great to rummage through when you’re in need of tartan.

Truly Truly Tartan

Who says tartan has to be all kilts? The aptly named Truly Truly Tartan offers a bespoke range of tartan jewellery and accessories, each of which are individually made and designed by Trish Tracy. A tartan savant, Glasgow born Tracy makes everything from necklaces and earrings to cufflinks, tie pins, clocks and dog leads. With over 35 tartans to choose from and Trish’s promise of a ‘no quibble guarantee’, Truly Truly Tartan is a smashing wee place if you’re searching for that perfect tartan gift.

Truly Truly Tartan, Clyde Offices, 2nd Floor, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 291 5999

Tartan Plus

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It really is quite remarkable what a touch of tartan can do to a home! Tartan Plus is a one-stop shop for all those quintessential tartan-embellished knick-knacks that you want but certainly don’t need. And you can never have too many Nessie toys with tartan see-you-Jimmy hats! Joking aside, Tartan Plus has a top-notch selection of tartan scarves and ties, perfect for adding some pizzazz to any outfit.

McCalls Highlandwear

When you’re after a kilt, head to McCalls Highlandwear on Ingram Street. Whether you want to buy or simply hire, these kilt masters will teach you the ropes. If choosing a tartan seems too tricky, perhaps the range of antique jewellery and tartan-related gifts can act as a welcomed distraction. The appealing selection, bespoke tailoring service and attention to detail make this Highlandwear spot a perfect destination.

McCalls Highlandwear, Ingram St, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 548 1116

Ingles Buchan

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A family-run firm rooted in the weaving industry, Ingles Buchan has great expertise in classic tartan goods, with an emphasis on top of the range fabrics. Popular with tartan lovers internationally, these plaid pioneers focus on tartan everything from sashes and Tammie hats, to travel blankets, waistcoats and golf hats. The abundance of chic tartan accessories and luxurious scarves add to the appeal of the shop. Goods can be found across many outlets dotted around Scotland.


Glorious is a place of dreams for those with a penchant for ‘next to new’ pre-loved clothes. You can find all sorts of tartan items here, and come Burns night, this secondhand shop transforms into a tartan treasure trove. Whether you’re looking for a Burberry-esque print scarf or chic granny tartan cardigan, you will find something to delight here.

Glorious, 496 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, Scotland +44 141 357 5662