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Autumn Colours | Scottish Highlands
Autumn Colours | Scottish Highlands

Forget Summer, This is Where You Really Need to Go This Autumn

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Updated: 22 September 2017

Scenic wizardry at its finest: Scotland in autumn is spellbinding due to whimsical mists and animated mixtures of vibrant shades. This dance shared between Mother Nature and her landscapes creates a cathartic release of colours that blanket the Scottish Highlands. So forget the post-summer blues and add those autumnal Highland hues to that wanderlist.

A forest-rimmed sheet of flawless glass, Glencoe Lochan is a scene from a dream.

Welcome to Scotland 😍

Dating back to the 13th century, Eilean Donan takes the crown as Scotland’s most photographed castle. Her Insta-game is off the charts.

Those purple-hued carpets of Highland heather though!

Hogwarts students have it so good…

Sometimes the most isolated spots make for the greatest epiphanies 💫

Is this the prettiest shipwreck ever?

As bonnie as can be, the Buachaille is a pilgrimage site for climbers and a natural work of art.

Oh ye know, just the Highlands awash with a cocktail of colours and life-affirming views.

The best kind of wake up call 😎

In need of some serious road trip inspiration?

Wild camping done Scottish-style #adventuregoals

Pure autumnal alchemy.

Munro dreaming and leafy canvases adding a sprinkling of magic to autumn.

Celestial perfection and a wide open road — a recipe for exploring.

Is this not romance in ruins and mist?

‘Wherever I wander, Wherever I rove, The hills of the Highlands for ever I love’ – Robert Burns