Forget Hygge, Còsagach Is Here to Make Your Lives Snug and Cosy

© Sweta Meininger / Unsplash
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Updated: 18 December 2017
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The news is in. Mys, hygge and any other Scandinavian philosophies are out, and còsagach is here.

Còsagach, an old Gaelic words for feeling snug, comforted and safe, is the hot new lifestyle trend. Yes, the themes of wooly blankets, candles, hot coffee and listening cosily to the wind howl outside might look the same, but when you enjoy them you are in fact practising còsagach, not hygge. Got it?

According to VisitScotland, còsagach will be big in 2018 and that the best way to experience it is to head straight to Scotland.

Their trend report said: ‘Scotland is a country where còsagach can be achieved in all seasons, but it’s winter when it comes into its own.

‘It’s no secret that Scotland can have, at times, rather harsh and ferocious weather. In the winter when the storms rage and the waves crash against the rocks, there is nothing more satisfying than being curled up in front of the fire, book and hot toddy in hand, listening to the weather outside.’

We’re sure that while a trip to Edinburgh to take perfect Instagrams or strolling round some markets in Aberdeen would be delightful, you can practise còsagach where you are right now. Duck into a warm pub and sit beside the fire, wear your favourite chunky jumper when it’s cold outside and light a few candles.

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