Places In Edinburgh Where You Can Buy A Battered Mars Bar

© clry2/Flickr
© clry2/Flickr
Although the national dish of Scotland will always be haggis, it is reasonable to consider the deep-fried Mars Bar the unofficial alternative. Although most chip shops will whip it up nae bother, have a gander at the top places for a battered Mars Bar in Edinburgh.

Cafe Piccante

Cafe Piccante on Broughton Street is a hopping place to stop in for some fast food after a night out on the town. Everything served here tastes phenomenal and the vibe is highly contagious. Along with superb fish and chips, this fabulous place is renowned for favoring a good old battered Mars Bar.

Cafe Piccante, 19 Broughton St, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 478 7884

Clam Shell

After experiencing the sights on the Royal Mile, scuttle along to the Clam Shell on High Street. From there, simply order a battered Mars Bar. This place attracts fans from far and wide who venture there to devour this delectable melted chocolate dessert. Expect a fair price and gloriously greasy chippy meals.

Clam Shell, 148 High St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 225 4338


There is something about the batter at Benes; the way in which it acts as the perfectly crispy yet fluffy casing around the Mars Bar is just too good to be true. This place is situated in a grand wee spot and will satisfy all of your deep-fried needs. The workers at Benes are pros at battering Mars Bars, so anticipate great things. Rumor has it that if you ask nicely, they will batter any chocolate bar.

Benes, 162 Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 557 1092

The Deep Sea

Satisfy your cultural needs by seeing a show at the Playhouse and then indulging your culinary requirements by ordering a battered Mars Bar at Deep Sea. Judging by the name, it would seem unlikely that they would sell such an item. It is important to note that although Mars Bars have nothing to do with the sea, they are a chippy special.

The Deep Sea, 2 Antigua St, Old Town, Edinburgh, Scotland, +44 131 557 0276

Gullane Super Fry

Gullane Super Fry is for those who take their deep-fried Mars Bar love seriously. This place is nestled in a gorgeous East Lothian village called Gullane. This chippy really does stand out from the crowd; with a myriad of stellar reviews, the freshest produce and top-notch batter, Gullane Super Fry is worth a look.

Gullane Super Fry, 3 Rosebery Pl, Main St, Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland +44 1620 844 400

The Royal Mile Tavern

Hesitant to set foot in a chippy but anxious to taste a deep-fried Mars bar? What a predicament. Have no fear, The Royal Mile Tavern holds the key. This beauty serves an excellent selection of some of the best traditional Scottish dishes. Thankfully, the deep-fried Mars Bar happens to be one of them.

The Royal Mile Tavern, 127 High St, Edinburgh, Scotland +44 131 557 9681