The Best Independent Bookstores in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Bookshop; InfoGibraltar, flickr
The Gibraltar Bookshop; InfoGibraltar, flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
2 September 2017

Gibraltar’s independent bookshops are scattered throughout the lively town centre and the trendy neighbourhood of Irish Town. They offer a great range of reasonably-priced reads, from the latest bestsellers to kids’ books for every age group. Read on to discover the best independent bookshops in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Bookshop

Gibraltar’s largest bookshop is located, appropriately, on the old town’s main street, with an old-curiosity-shop-style frontage set into a rather gloomy looking grey-green building. It sells a good selection of new and used volumes across a range of genres and is particularly good for books on Gibraltar itself, so this is where to head if you want to know more about the territory’s rich culture and history. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand if you need guidance in your browsing.

300 Main Street, Gibraltar, +350 20071894

Carol’s Bookshop

Carol’s is said by many to be Gibraltar’s best bookshop, probably because it offers much more than just books. It sells a good range of titles – including the latest releases – as well as stationery, party wear, party games, gifts, stationary and greetings cards. A central location means it’s ideal for a stop-off whilst you’re seeing the sights, and the service here is said to be exceptional, with the owners going out of their way to ensure you get what you’re after.

Unit F16, 1st Floor, Gibraltar, +350 200 72700

The Gibraltar Bookshop; InfoGibraltar, flickr


Located in the lively John Mackintosh Square in the old town, this quirky charity bookshop promises to offer “whatever you need to answer all the questions in life on who we really are”. Accordingly, then, many of its titles have a spiritual theme, and are sold alongside other aids for self-discovery in the form of CDs, cards and posters. This is an intriguing shop – the kind that you’re better off visiting without a fixed idea of what you want, so come away with a surprise treat for yourself.

4 John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar, +350 200 42787

Words Aflame

A Christian bookshop associated with Gibraltar’s Methodist Church, Words Aflame sells a good selection of Bibles and religiously-themed titles as well as gifts and cards. Also available from time to time are Christian-orientated works in Spanish. The Methodist Church runs a popular cafe above the bookshop called the Carpenter’s Arms, which is a great place to enjoy a good read over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

297 Main Street, Gibraltar, +350 200 41065

Gibraltar is home to some great independent bookshops; Pexels, pixabay


Located in the hip quarter of Irish Town, Terry’s is another of Gibraltar’s leading independent bookstores and specialises in children’s literature. A good selection of titles are sold across a range of genres for all ages and, given that most of them are secondhand, prices are very competitive. Every now and then it also acts as a mini exhibition space, showcasing pictures and postcards designed by local artists. As with most of the shops in this article, it has a fairly minimal online presence, to it’s best just to pop in or call to see what they have in stock.

96 Irish Town, Gibraltar, +350 200 73701

Terry’s is a specialist in children’s books; AnnieSpratt, pixabay