Easy Alternatives to Traditional Lasagna

Lasagna |© David Kessler/Flickr
Lasagna |© David Kessler/Flickr
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8 June 2017

Lasagna is a dish that originates from Italy, and what’s likely to spring to mind when we think of it is beef mince, layered with pasta sheets and cheese. But there are countless takes on that basic formula and you can play around with this classic. Have fun with these alternative lasagnas.

Pumpkin as the centrepiece

Not the first ingredient that comes to mind when thinking of lasagna but a pumpkin isn’t just a centrepiece for Halloween! Substitute the mincemeat for this naturally sweet vegetable that’s technically a fruit. Although deseeding and cutting through one takes a while, it’s worth it. You can team the fruits of your labour with rosemary, sage or spinach for added flavour. Butternut works well too, instead of pumpkin.

Go vegan

Why not replace the pasta with rice paper sheets? You can get these from supermarkets and they come gluten free. A take on lasagna that is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians alike, is with lentils instead of meat – very filling and tasty enough to keep carnivores satisfied.

A hearty brekky

This is heavy but it will keep you full till lunch and you’ll definitely skip the mid-morning snack after this. A recipe that includes layers of sausages, cheese and grated carrots topped off with bacon or egg, this is a savoury delight to start the day with. Definitely not recommended for every day.

Seafood lasagna

The classic lasagna is with minced beef but alternatives you can try experimenting with include seafood such as crab, cod and shrimp. Throw in some double cream to give this version a satisfying richness.

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Mexican lasagna

A spicy kick to the classic. Instead of using pasta sheets, use tortilla wraps and for a fiery filling, try black beans and an appropriate savoury cheese of your choice with peas, and of course chilli.

Delightful Dessert

Lasagna need not be savoury, it can also be sweet. This dish is ultimately about layering, and peanut butter is the perfect component to secure a few Oreos, and you could top it off with a strawberry – one of your 5 a day.

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