Check Out These Five Seriously Spooky Haunted Houses For Sale

Check Out These Five Seriously Spooky Haunted Houses For Sale
These five haunted properties for sale come with spooky history, seriously eerie interiors and even some ghosts lurking inside. Would you be brave enough to go for a viewing? We dare you…


Why is it spooky? You only need to check out the bathroom covered wall-to-wall in crosses and the huge taxidermy collection in the hallway to realise this isn’t your average London pad. The impressive property dating back to 1741 is every commuter’s dream from the outside, but the extremely eerie decor and supposedly paranormal residents might be a game-changer…

What’s the damage? £2,950,000

Courtesy of Rightmove
Courtesy of Rightmove
Courtesy of Rightmove
Courtesy of Rightmove


Why is it spooky? It might not look particularly sinister on the outside, but this cottage has a dark history. Back in the 16th century, young women accused of witchcraft would be held here until they were sentenced. This included the famous young Ursula Kemp, who was hanged in 1582. Last used as a prison in 1908, this property even has a sign to confirm Kemp’s imprisonment and sentencing on the grounds.

What’s the damage? £269,000

Courtesy of Rightmove
Courtesy of Rightmove


Why is it spooky? Once a salmon fishing station, the Ice House has made the list because of the tragic history that surrounds it. Famous today for his poetry, a young man named George Beattic loved and proposed to a local heiress, but she broke off the engagement and married another. Distraught, Beattic stood in the local graveyard and fired practice shots at the fishing station, before turning the gun on himself. A memorial to him can still be found in the churchyard.

What’s the damage? £340,000

Courtesy of Saville
Courtesy of Savills


Why is it spooky? Head here for spirits – literally. Apparently several locals have experienced paranormal encounters at the eighteenth-century pub, including the ghost of an old man sitting comfortably in front of the fire and a mysterious disorderly youth hanging around the property.

What’s the damage? £775,000

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Why is it spooky? Built in 1796, this property was once a preaching location for John Wesley (founder of the Wesleyan Methodist Church). However, this location hides a darker history; a Bronze Age burial ground was discovered nearby at the summit of Pendle Hill, which was also home to the Pendle Witches. As a result, both locals and tourists visit the area in search of ghosts every year.

What’s the damage? £515,000

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