Where to Eat Moroccan Food in Amsterdam

A traditional earthenware tagine | © pixabay
A traditional earthenware tagine | © pixabay | © pixabay
Amsterdam’s culinary landscape features a wide array of international cuisines besides traditional Dutch cooking, and there are plenty of foreign restaurants spread throughout the city. These eateries include several excellent takeout joints, high-end restaurants and other establishments that primarily serve Moroccan delicacies such as slowly cooked tagine or fresh couscous dishes.

Restaurant Mamouche

Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$
Restaurant Mamouche, Amsterdam
Restaurant Mamouche, Amsterdam | Restaurant Mamouche, Amsterdam

Restaurant Mamouche’s menu fuses together tastes, recipes and methods drawn from North African and West European cuisine. Moroccan and French cooking play a crucial part on the restaurant’s menu and Mamouche serves several balanced dishes that employ flavours and staple ingredients from both cuisines. The restaurant itself looks stunning and features dark wooden furniture, high crossbeams and a lovely, street side terrace.

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This North African and Middle Eastern restaurant is a household name in Amsterdam and draws in legions of customers every day of the week. The restaurant’s two-storey layout features a mezzanine deck that spirals around its lower seating area, bar and kitchen, creating a distinctive communal ambience. Bazar exclusively serves halal meat and its menu includes many delicious vegetarian options.

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Restaurant MOZO

Restaurant, Moroccan, $$$

The team behind Restaurant MOZO are dedicated to high-quality, traditional Moroccan food and base their menu around old family recipes. This carefully-honed menu includes several classic Moroccan stews that are cooked over several hours and accentuated with fresh spices. Everything available inside Restaurant Mozo is halal and there’s an impressive selection of tasty vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

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Restaurant Mauresque

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Mauresque Restaurant, Amsterdam
Mauresque Restaurant, Amsterdam | Mauresque Restaurant, Amsterdam

Restaurant Mauresque makes sophisticated meals that are inspired by traditional Moroccan home cooking. Aside from classic fare like rich tagine stews or couscous dishes, Restaurant Maureques also serves several oven roasted meals such as sticky chicken wings and spare ribs. As the restaurant lies just outside Amsterdam’s western canal belt it is within walking distance from several nightlife hotspots, including de Jordaan and Haarlemmerdijk.

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This picture perfect restaurant serves many tasty staples from Morocco including harira, tajine pil-pil and couscous bel hout. Marrakech ’s menu also features several large, speciality dishes that are meant for sharing. The restaurant’s spacious dining area is equipped with smaller tables that are perfect for couples or small groups, as well as comfy corners that easily accommodate larger parties.

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Restaurant, Moroccan

There’s plenty of mouthwatering Moroccan specialities on offer inside Noumidia that range from rich hariri soups to slow cooked tajine stews laced with lamb, prunes and almonds. The restaurant has three cosy seating areas and has enough space for larger gatherings like birthday parties or work outings. It is also possible to enjoy Moroccan high tea with friends or colleagues at Noumidia and the restaurant makes a special selection of cakes for these events.

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