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Pizza at de Foodhallen | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr
Pizza at de Foodhallen | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr

The 7 Best Restaurants In Amsterdam Oud-West

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Amsterdam Oud-West is home to two of the most multicultural streets in the city: Kinkerstraat and Overtoom. These bustling thoroughfares are lined with fantastic cafés, bars and venues, making the area a hotbed for Amsterdam nightlife. The neighborhood also has a booming culinary industry helped along by its cosmopolitan residents and diverse cultural landscape.


Waterkant might have the best location in Amsterdam. The restaurant is spread over the groundfloor of an enormous renovated multi-storey car park. This coiled building overlooks the last ring of Amsterdam’s canal belt and Waterkant’s terrace is completely surrounded by water. Its kitchen combines Indonesian, Surinamese and traditional Dutch meals into a delightful menu that includes spicy shrimp saté and a pumpkin roti. 

📍Waterkant, Marnixstraat 246, Amsterdam+31 20 737 1126


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The Blue Pepper

The Blue Pepper is a luxurious Indonesian restaurant that replicates the grandeur of South Asian fine dining. Its menu avoids traditional, home cooked cuisine and instead focuses on elaborately prepared meals created by dedicated culinary experts. The restaurant has two set menus that are presented as large banquets recreating the lavish splendor of Royal Indonesian feasts. On Saturdays the Blue Pepper also offers a candlelight dinner on-board a saloon boat that travels through Amsterdam’s iconic canal rings.

📍 The Blue Pepper, Nassaukade 366, Amsterdam+31 20 489 7039

Delicious Indonesian Rijsttafel in Amsterdam. #foodporn

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France’s southern border has a rich culinary heritage. Its proximity to Spain means that its traditional cuisine is infused with Iberian flavors and revolves around small, delicately prepared meals that resemble tapas. Narbonne is named after a small town in this region and recreates the area’s distinctive palate. Its extensive tasting menu can be shared between several people and eaten alongside a bottle of delicious Mediterranean wine.

📍 Narbonne, Bosboom Toussaintstraat 28, Amsterdam+31 20 618 4263

This was called #borrelschotel or Drinks Dish. In other words, snacks for drunk people. #amsterdam

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Happyhappyjoyjoy is a colorful Asian fusion restaurant on the corner of Kinkerstraat. Its menu is inspired by eastern street food culture and includes recipes from China, Thailand and Vietnam. The restaurant is knowingly kitsch and its dining area is plastered with hundreds of brightly colored posters. Happyhappyjoyjoy creates small, delicious meals that can be enjoyed with a group of friends over an ice-cold rice wine cocktail or a lemongrass infused beer.

📍 Happyhappyjoyjoy, Bilderdijkstraat 158HS, Amsterdam+31 20 344 6433

Another space beautiful beautiful at a place called Happyhappyjoyjoy

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Hap-Hmm has been serving traditional Dutch cuisine for over 70 years. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and its menu is exceptionally affordable. Hap-hmm buys most of its meat and vegetables from local merchants and only uses fresh ingredients. Its food is prepared with the utmost care and exudes all the warmth of home cooking. Hap-Hmm’s meatballs are absolutely delightful and can be paired with huge chunks of potatoes and a thick scoop of Belgian mayonnaise.

📍 Hap-Hmm, Eerste Helmersstraat 33, Amsterdam+31 20 344 6433

阿姆斯特丹,荷蘭🇳🇱 Chicken piri-piri 超級好吃😍😍😍

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Foodhallen is a high-class indoor food market located inside of an enormous complex that was formerly used to service Amsterdam’s iconic tram network. Its main dining area is surrounded by around 20 streetfood vendors and many of the city’s finest culinary businesses have stalls inside of the Foodhallen, including the Butcher, Pink Flamingo and De Ballen Bar, and more. The market has ample seating and is a great place to relax while sampling several dishes.

📍 Foodhallen, Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam,  +31 6 29265037


Abyssinia creates delicious, authentic Eritrean food and in respect to the country’s traditional culinary practices, serves its meals without cutlery. Main courses are stuffed inside of sourdough flat breads and eaten by hand. As Eritrea’s trade routes were historically tied to the Middle East, its cuisine is quite spicy and steeped in rich, sturdy flavors. The restaurant has a huge selection of the nation’s principle delicacies and cooks meals that are suited to small, intimate gatherings.

📍 Abyssina, Jan Pieter Heijestraat 190, Amsterdam, +31 20 683 0792

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