The 10 Best Bars In Amsterdam-Noord

A selection of beers at Walhalla Craft Beers taproom
A selection of beers at Walhalla Craft Beer's taproom | © Walhalla Craft Beer
Tom Coggins

Visitors to Amsterdam-Noord can relax, drink and socialise at many spots around the neighbourhood that collectively offer everything from refined cocktails to tasty craft ales. Due to the neighbourhood’s proximity to the river IJ, many of its most popular hangouts feature stunning waterside terraces, whereas others are housed inside charming industrial buildings that were once used for shipbuilding.

1. EYE Film Institute

Bar, Restaurant, Contemporary

EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
© ItzaVU / Shutterstock
Aside from housing four modern cinemas and a gallery space for exhibitions related to filmmaking, Amsterdam-Noord’s EYE Film Institute features an expansive brasserie-style restaurant that serves drinks, snacks and larger meals inspired by classic European cuisine. The restaurant seats guests at different spots in its spacious, multi-tiered lounge, depending on whether they’d like to order meals or drinks, and has room for larger groups. Thanks to the restaurant’s impressive plate glass windows and stunning waterside terrace, guests can enjoy spectacular views across the river IJ while they relax with a beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail.

2. Café de Ceuvel

Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary

This environmentally-friendly cafe is part of a larger urban project called de Ceuvel, which was established in order to rejuvenate an abandoned shipyard in Amsterdam-Noord and create ecologically-responsible workspaces. The cafe in question maintains an eco-conscious business model and only buys its stock from local, like-minded companies. Café de Ceuvel also grows herbs and vegetables inside its rooftop greenhouse and uses these ingredients to make delicious organic meals.

3. Noorderlicht Café

Bar, Restaurant, Cafe, European

The big draw of the Noorderlicht Café is its summer programme of live music
© Peter Horree / Alamy Stock Photo

This quirky cultural cafe stands on the eastern side of NDSM Wharf and lies roughly 100 metres away from the neighbourhood’s ferry station. Like other locations in NDSM Wharf, Noorderlicht possesses a rustic, industrial charm that matches perfectly with its laid-back ambience. Its main bar, kitchen and main dining area are located inside an old greenhouse-like structure that overlooks the river IJ. During warmer months, Noorderlicht also serves drinks, meals and snacks on its waterside terrace, which features an outdoor bar and a space dedicated to live concerts.

4. Pllek

Bar, Restaurant, European

4. Pllek
© BakerlooTheReal / Flickr

To access this charming restaurant and bar, guests must walk through several old shipping containers that have been hollowed out and converted into Pllek’s main entrance. This industrial entryway leads to an expansive dining area complete with picnic tables, comfy leather couches and bar stools, where guests can order lunch, dinner or drinks. Pllek also features an enormous sand-covered terrace that backs onto the river IJ. Pllek often organises special events on its terrace during warmer months, including live concerts and an ongoing series of open-air movie nights.

5. FC Hyena

Restaurant, Wine Bar, Mediterranean, European

Bar Noord Hyena
© FC Hyena
Most arthouse cinemas in Amsterdam feature charming on-site bars where film lovers can relax before or after enjoying the latest and greatest independent movies. For instance, FC Hyena in Amsterdam-Noord houses a rustic wine bar that stocks an extensive selection of organic vino and an equally charming restaurant that serves many tasty oven-baked dishes ranging from roasted beetroot with ricotta to barbecued ribs. Thanks to its enviable menu, excellent wine list and stunning location on the banks of the river IJ, it is easy enough to spend entire afternoons relaxing inside FC Hyena’s colourful lounge or outside on its spacious, sunny terrace. What’s more, FC Hyena screens around six films per day and regularly organises events in collaboration with local film festivals.

6. Skatecafe

Bar, Restaurant, Contemporary

Skatecafe holds the distinction of being the only bar in Amsterdam with an indoor skatepark. This small but awesome facility is built into the western side of the bar and resembles a low skateboarding bowl that has been cut in half. While around one-third of Skatecafe is dedicated to skateboarding, the rest of the bar features pink metallic tables and chairs where guests can relax with drinks or order meals prepared by experienced chefs.

7. Madam

Bar, Restaurant, European

© Thomas van Mens / WikiCommons

As this sky-high bar and restaurants stands on the 20th floor of A’DAM Tower, it offers panoramic views across central Amsterdam. Madam begins serving dinner at 6 pm and then, shifts gears and turns into a classy rooftop bar three hours later. Though it is possible to order beer, wine or spirits, the bar has an impressive cocktail menu that includes many signature mixes created by Madam’s mixologists. Madam also hosts club nights on the weekend, where local established DJs perform alongside up-and-coming musicians.

8. Oedipus Brewing

Bar, European

Oedipus was created by four friends who were united by their love for beer | © Oedipus / Annelore van Herwijnen
© Oedipus / Annelore van Herwijnen

Since launching in the early 2010s, Oedipus Brewing has produced batch after batch of tasty craft beer and created many adventurous brews laced with zesty ingredients like mango, chilli peppers or lemongrass. Beer lovers can sample all of Oedipus’ quirky creations on draft inside the brewery’s taproom in Amsterdam-Noord. This lively hangout is attached to the brewery’s headquarters and regularly hosts popular events that revolve around delicious beer, live music and regional food.

9. IJ-Kantine

Brasserie, Restaurant, European

bar noord 2
© IJ-Kantine

This classy restaurant-cafe is located on the ground floor of an old warehouse that was originally associated with Amsterdam-Noord’s once prosperous shipbuilding industry. In the early 2000s, this stunning waterside location was renovated in order to create space for dining events and casual drinks. Today, IJ-Kantine serves an extensive range of classic European dishes, alongside drinks and snacks, inside a charming and industrial dining room or outside on its sun-soaked terrace.

10. Walhalla Craft Beer

Bar, Craft Ale Bar, Contemporary

bar noord
© Walhalla Craft Beer

Walhalla brews refreshing, well-balanced beers that are named after ancient religious deities and other lesser beings from folklore and mythology. These divinely inspired brews are available on draft inside Walhalla’s cosy taproom, which welcomes beer-loving pilgrims from Friday to Sunday every week. It is possible to sample Walhalla’s delicious ales, ambers and barleywines one by one or order a special tasting tray that holds four different (smaller) beers. Aside from its standard selection, Walhalla regularly brews special limited edition beers and adds these rarer bevies to its taproom’s selection.

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