10 Dutch Brands to Look Out for in 2017

| © Jeroen W. Mantel / Ace & Tate.
Tom Coggins

Here at Culture Trip, we are always on the lookout for new or trendsetting brands, so have put together a list of modern Dutch design, fashion and lifestyle labels that are currently gaining momentum in the Netherlands and beyond.


Vondel recently released a line of beautiful watches that are inspired both by Amsterdam and classic 20th century design. All of their timepieces feature Amsterdam’s coat of arms and Vondel’s modest logo. Apart from these subtle flourishes, Vondel’s creations are deliberately simple and perfectly balanced.

Deblon Sports

The founders of Deblon Sports launched their brand around two years ago, and have since created several outstanding collections of women’s luxury sportswear. While Deblon Sport’s studio is located in Amsterdam, their designs are handmade in Brazil and are inspired by the women of Rio de Janeiro’s style, confidence and athleticism.

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate’s high quality and affordable eyewear has already won over thousands of people throughout Western Europe and the company is currently expanding across the continent. Their frames are always unbelievably stylish and flawlessly on trend. In 2016, the brand launched the Ace & Tate Creative Fund, which grants funding to emerging artists in order to bring brilliant ideas to life.

Bound Amsterdam

Bound Amsterdam is eager to bring high-end menswear into the 21st century, and designs clothes that are consciously minimalistic and keep to modest, timeless forms. The studio’s basic-wear line is phenomenal and recently appeared at Amsterdam’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Vedder & Vedder

After graduating from university, identical twin sisters Anne and Esther Vedder established a new jewellery brand under their family name. Unlike other comparable ventures, Vedder & Vedder allows clients to add a personalised touch to their purchases and will inscribe messages or names onto an individual item. Their personalised jewellery is available online, and Vedder & Vedder’s designs regularly appear in Dutch boutiques.

Vedder & Vedder

Daily Paper

Daily Paper was established in 2010 by three fashion bloggers of African descent working in Amsterdam. After launching a line of t-shirts, the collective began creating men’s streetwear that embraces African design whilst paying close attention to modern European fashion. Since then, Daily Paper has produced several bold yet casual lines of clothing, including jackets, trousers and hats and has collaborated with big brand names such as Puma.

Blom & Blom

To create their fixtures and furniture, Blom & Blom scour abandoned factories for inspiration and material. Large parts of their collection are made from re-purposed industrial items, and each of their restored products comes with a ‘passport’ that relays its origins. Instead of completely repairing theses found items, Blom & Blom design around imperfections or damages, in order to preserve their products’ unique charms.

Damn Good Soap

Due their outstanding beard balms and high-quality men’s grooming products Utrecht’s Damn Good Soap has been praised by Men’s Health Magazine, Esquire and Playboy over the past few years. Despite their growing reputation, the company has remained relatively small in order to focus on crafting premium, artisanal soap for the modern man.


FEST Amsterdam

By balancing modest Dutch sensibilities with more lively strains of contemporary style, FEST Amsterdam has successfully chiselled out a unique position within modern interior design. The studio’s furniture, homeware and lighting collections are all modestly designed, yet evoke a distinctive sense of warmth, comfort and home comfort.


While Patta’s reputation is firmly established in the Netherlands, the brand is currently branching out and recently opened its first store in London. Patta creates high-quality streetwear that draws from hip-hop culture and sportswear design. Their hoodies and joggers are exceptionally popular in Amsterdam, and Patta regularly teams up with other prominent brands to create special, or limited edition items.


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