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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels in St Moritz, Switzerland
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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels in St Moritz, Switzerland

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Updated: 9 February 2017
St Moritz is one of the most stylish, most exciting ski resorts in Switzerland and is a must for all-ski lovers. The breath-taking landscape of the Engadine valley in which it is located and the wide range of activities throughout the year, mean that it isn’t just a winter destination though, and its large number of luxurious hotels are designed to suit every season. We’ve selected the best, most cultural hotels that this beautiful town has to offer.
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Giardino Mountain

One of the most beautiful hotels in the area, the stylish Giardino Mountain hotel consists of seven different, traditional Engadine houses. A former girls’ boarding school, it has been beautifully renovated into a modern, classy place to stay, while still retaining the fascinating historical aspects that make it unique. For example, the former chapel, resplendent in white and gold, now hosts a celebrated two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Ecco.

3, Via Maistra, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 836 63 00

St Moritz
St Moritz | © loloeig/Flickr
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Hotel Eden

Located right in the centre of town, the charming Hotel Eden is an unpretentious, personal hotel full of character. With its beautiful furnishings, incredible views of the lake, and fabulous rooms, “Eden” does indeed seem to be an appropriate name for this one. Guests would do well to watch out for the stunning breakfast buffet, both the food and setting, for it is served on a converted, authentic horse-drawn sleigh from the Engadin region itself. The terrace is a brilliant touch, offering wonderful views of the lake and mountains, from which guests can watch the famous White Turf horse races during the winter, or the sailing during the summer.

12, Via Veglia, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 830 81 00

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Kempinski Grand Hotel

Grand in every sense of the word, an enormous five-star establishment, Kempinski Grand Hotel is the perfect place to stay for ski-lovers who want to sojourn in style. The perfect location for skiers, it is right at the foot of the famous Hahnensee slope and is also right next to the Corviglia region, a great spot for hiking and skiing. With an extensive spa, this hotel provides wonderful remedies to bodies worn out from long days of skiing or hiking and its four different restaurants, all serving sumptuous, stylish food, will leave guests spoilt for choice.

27, Via Mezdi, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 838 38 38

Badrutt's Palace Hotel
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel | © Kecko/Flickr
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Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Welcoming guests since 1895, the beautiful, almost castle-like structure of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel fits in well with the gorgeous landscape and the stylish town. The magnificent rooms transport guests to another world, uniting a 19th century aristocratic feel with modern, convenient touches. Many rooms offer superb views over the lake and it is possible to have breakfast on the lovely terrace that also overlooks the water. The restaurants are all exquisite, providing great gastronomic quality, most notably Le Restaurant, a bistro that specialises in authentic French haute cuisine.

27, Via Serlas, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 837 10 00

Lake St Moritz
Lake St Moritz | © Roger W/Flickr
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Kulm Hotel

Providing five-star excellence for over 150 years, Kulm Hotel offers a traditional and authentic experience that caters to its guests’ every needs. With its gourmet restaurants, piano bar and the largest bar lounge in the Engadine valley, as well as a large spa and a number of children’s activities, the Kulm Hotel is the perfect place to wind down, whether after a long day of sporting activities or just on a relaxing holiday in this mountain-shrouded paradise. Especially worth mentioning is the famous and intimate Dracula club that has been running since 1974; it is one of the best spots to visit during the celebrated annual Festival da Jazz.

18, Via Veglia, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 836 80 00

St Moritz
St Moritz | © m.prinke/Flickr
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Hotel San Gian

A modern, comfortable hotel, Hotel San Gian is a modest and friendly establishment, boasting interesting contemporary features in its comfortable rooms. It is a great location for skiers, with the bus stop to Corvatsch directly outside the hotel and it is even possible to ski down from most of the ski areas practically straight to the hotel’s door. Its unusual Mongolian restaurant is lovely, as is its large breakfast choice. The hotel also offers free access to one of the best spas in the area, the Ovavera Spa, which is right across the road.

23, Via San Gian, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 837 09 09

Waldhaus am See
Hotel Waldhaus am See | © Timo Newton-Syms/Flickr
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Hotel Waldhaus am See

You can’t get much better views of Lake St Moritz than this; Hotel Waldhaus am See is on the banks of the beautiful lake itself, meaning that almost every window of this lovely, unpretentious establishment offers truly stunning panoramas of the landscape, including the very tastefully decorated breakfast room. One of the most iconic aspects of this pretty hotel is its whiskey and wine bar. With 2,500 different whiskeys, it has the largest selection of whiskeys in the world and is an unmissable stop for any whiskey lover. The wine cellar also boasts an extensive selection (though it seems modest in comparison) of 1,300 different wines from across the globe.

6, Via Dimlej, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 836 60 00

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Suvretta House

For over a century, the gorgeous Suvretta House has been welcoming guests into its luxurious hotel, which has such a grand façade that one could be forgiven for thinking of it more as a castle than a hotel. With its roaring fireplaces and grand, pillared rooms and chandeliers this hotel transports guests to a world of near-aristocratic luxury and grandeur, all the while offering spectacular views of the mountains, especially from the stunning terrace, where guests enjoy breakfast. It is also particularly convenient for skiers, just paces from a ski lift, and including an extensive spa and gym to boot.

1, Via Chasellas, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 836 36 36

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Hotel Arte

Tucked away just off the main avenue of the town, Hotel Arte is a lovely little personal hotel that is ideal for those who are seeking something a bit more modest, yet still of a high quality, than the grander, luxurious hotels of the town. Its nine rooms are quirky; each one is interestingly themed to represent a different country, including Japan, Australia, and Mexico. Attached to the hotel is a superb pizzeria, featuring authentic Italian cuisine, including divine, thin-crust pizzas and a particularly superb tiramisu.

7, Via Tinus, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 837 58 58

Via Maistra
Via Maistra | © Kecko/Flickr
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Hotel Monopol

A haven for those interested in art, Hotel Monopol is a beautiful boutique hotel that marries modern styles with an authentic, traditional mountain chalet décor. Guests would do well to watch out for the interesting artwork on the walls; regularly changing displays that allow budding artists to show off their work. Also of note is the spa and sauna, which features a gorgeous Jacuzzi with fantastic views of the surroundings. There are few better ways to relax after a long day’s skiing than in a hot tub of bubbling water while looking at the snowy mountains of Moritz!

17, Via Maistra, St Moritz, Switzerland +41 81 837 04 04