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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Basel, Germany
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Basel, Germany

Picture of Sophia Karner
Updated: 25 October 2016
Basel’s location on the border of three countries has had a visible influence on the city’s culinary culture. It has been shaped by Italian, French as well as German cuisine, which makes it incredibly diverse. We list the best spots to explore this unique mix over brunch in Basel.
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Confiserie Beschle

Confiserie, tea room and retro café Beschle is located just across from Basel’s main train station. Breakfast is served every day from 8 to 10.30am and besides breakfast classics, guests can enjoy the full range of Beschle products. These products come directly from the Beschle bakery, which produces fresh pastries every day. Confiserie Beschle is open 365 days a year and the division of the café into tea room and confiserie, in the front and lounge area in the back, makes it the perfect location for business breakfasts and brunches.

Centralbahnstrasse 9, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 295 4050

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Radius 39

Radius 39 is a café which only uses products from small businesses in a 39-kilometer radius. These products, such as regionally produced honey, vegetables, fruit, juices, meat and milk products, are also sold in the shop that is attached to the café. The main aim of Radius 39 is to promote sustainability and support small local businesses, which is why the café features informative events about products and topics of the region on a regular basis. Every Saturday, Radius 39 offers a fantastic brunch with unusual products, such as quail eggs, homemade scones, muesli and yoghurt.

Wielandplatz 8, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 535 90 51

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La Columbiana Kaffeeroesterei

La Columbiana Kaffeeroesterei is primarily known for its exquisite range of coffees, which are made with personally roasted coffee beans. La Columbiana roasts as many as 13 different coffee blends and another five high-quality single-origin coffees in its coffee shop. The great range of coffees is complemented by delicious homemade baked goods, such as gipfeli, which is the typically Swiss version of the French croissant. This coffee place also has an online shop, where you can have the full variety of delicious coffees delivered directly to your house.

Guterstrasse 112, Basel, Switzerland, +41 613 610 212

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Tibits is an exclusively vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Basel that is dedicated to using locally sourced and organic products. Whenever possible, Tibits buys its ingredients from local farmers and small businesses and prepares every meal fresh. Besides the delicious range of vegetarian dishes, Tibits also offers excellent choices for vegans, such as its homemade vegan mango cake. Every Sunday, Tibits offers an elaborate brunch buffet from 9am to 4pm.

Stanzlergasse 4, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 205 39 99

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Holzofenbäckerei Bio Andreas

Holzofenbäckerei Bio Andreas is a successful combination of traditional bakery and modern café. Everyday, the Bio Andreas bakery produces over 50 different types of baked goods, from brioche to gipfeli, the traditional Swiss pastry, in its traditional wood-burning stoves. This great range of delicious baked goods can be enjoyed everyday in combination with a great coffee selection in Bio Andreas’ café in Basel’s Schneidergasse.

Schneidergasse 27, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 261 85 70

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Zazaa, located on Petersgraben, invites its guests to a unique brunch experience, offering the best of Kurdish and Oriental delicacies. From Monday to Saturday mornings, guests can enjoy a fantastic Eastern-style brunch here that provides a welcome change to the usual breakfast and brunch options in Basel.

Petersgraben 15, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 501 80 44

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Salz & Zucker

Everyday, Salz & Zucker on Basel’s Wanderstrasse, offers a wide variety of breakfast options. Guests can choose between a small or large version of the classic breakfast, the healthy “fit-power breakfast” and the prosecco breakfast. Every Sunday, Salz & Zucker serves a fantastic brunch buffet from 10am to 2pm, piled high with fresh bread, brioche, pastries, muesli, fresh fruit, salmon and local specialties.

Wanderstrasse 65, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 301 06 85

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La Fourchette

La Fourchette is an intimate café on Klybeckstrasse that serves breakfast every day of the week. It pays special attention to sustainable and organic products and especially direct trade. This is why La Fourchette only gets its fresh products, such as vegetables and fruit, from local famers and small businesses in the region. These principles are also reflected in the café’s menu, which follows the main aims of simplicity and great taste. Every Sunday, La Fourchette serves an extensive brunch buffet that should not be missed.

Klybeckstrasse 122, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 691 28 28

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Café Frühling

At Café Frühling on Feldbergstrasse, guests can enjoy brunch all day, everyday. Café Frühling focuses on fresh, local and seasonal products and they know where each and every one of the items on their menu have come from. Café Frühling serves a delicious range of dishes, such as homemade cakes and several types of bread, freshly pressed juices, lemonades and premium coffee specialties.

Klybeckstraße 69, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 544 80 38

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Smuk is an intimate café that offers a wide variety of different breakfast menus as well as a range of homemade cakes during the week, from Wednesday to Saturday. The restaurant also features a charming terrace and an extensive bar and snack menu that will definitely make you want to prolong a brunch here. On Sundays, Smuk serves a creative brunch that comes in the form of a high-quality and sustainable all-you-can-eat buffet.

Feldbergstraße 121, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 683 80 80