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The 10 Best Hotels In Uppsala, Sweden

The 10 Best Hotels In Uppsala, Sweden

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden, and home to the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, built in 13th century. The Fyris River divides the city into two parts, historical to the west and commercial to the east. Read on to find out where the best hotels in Uppsala are located: from charming old farms to mansions and renovated vicarages.

Krusenberg Herrgård

The historic mansion of Krusenberg is located on the shores of Mälaren Lake, and was built in 1802. You can attend the organized tour around the property to familiarize yourself with its history, culture and art. Walk around the old apple garden or relax in the private spa. In summer you can enjoy rowing and canoeing on the lake, while in winter you can try ice skating. Krusenberg Herrgård has 60 rooms in two large wings, while the oldest building Tessinska Flygeln houses suits.

Price: Luxury

Krusenberg Herrgård AB, Krusenberg 436, 755 98 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 18 03 00


Hotell Kungsängstorg

Hotell Kungsängstorg is a small hotel, located in a renovated vicarage built in 1884. The hotel has only eight rooms, decorated in the style of 19th century. The house once belonged to Ebba Boström, who founded one of city’s hospitals and was a sister of the longest serving Swedish Prime Minister in the 19th century, Erik Gustaf Boström. Nowadays, the house is the only remaining one with preserved characteristics of buildings built in 1800s in the surrounding area. The budget accommodation is available in 14 hostel rooms, also located in the same building.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Vandrarhem Uppsala Kungsängstorg, Kungsängstorg 6, 753 20 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 76 185 84 85


Grand Hotell Hörnan

The Grand Hotell Hörnan is a historic hotel, more than a century old. Built in 1907, this classy hotel is located in the heart of Uppsala, next to the river. The hotel was built in Neo-baroque style, with Art Nouveau decorations, and was the first hotel in Uppsala with central a heating system. Nowadays, it is still family run and dedicated to preserving the city’s history. The hotel has 65 rooms, the River Suite (Fyrissviten) being the grandest one, located on the top floor and overlooking the river.

Price: Luxury

Grand Hotell Hörnan, Bangårdsgatan 1B, 753 20 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 13 93 80


Kroksta Gård

Kroksta Gård is a bed and breakfast located 10 km from Uppsala. This old farm was converted into a hotel in 1999 and it is situated in a beautiful rural setting among a historically protected area. The rooms are individually decorated with old furniture and split between two houses – Mangården and Bror August. You can spend your time exploring the nearby woods, walking around the ancient memorials or try the little spa at the hotel. As typical for a renovated farm, the hotel still has animals of Swedish native breeds, such as cows, sheep and hens.

Price: Mid-range

Kroksta Gård AB, Kroksta 21, 743 86 Bälinge, Sweden, +46 18 470 28 10


Hotel Villa Anna

Hotel Villa Anna is located in the center of Uppsala, between the Cathedral, Museum Gustavianum and Uppsala University. It is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, luxurious interior and exquisite dining experience. The hotel is home to award-winning master chefs Rafael Löfstedt and Markus E Arkevid. Villa Anna has eleven rooms, furnished with Swedish designs, each in its own unique style. The three suites have their own sauna and jacuzzi. The Lindska room is an elegant conference room, which can accommodate up to 86 people for either business meetings or celebrations.


Price: Luxury

Villa Anna, Odinslund 3, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 580 20 00


Sunnersta Herrgård

Sunnersta Herrgård is a mansion hotel located 6 km from Uppsala, in picturesque, rural surroundings. The foundations of the mansion were built in the Middle Ages, however the structure visible today comes from the late 18th century. The back veranda overlooks the lake Sunnerstaviken and is a nice relaxing spot. Among the famous owners of the mansion were Olof Bure, Vice President of the Swedish Court of Appeal, and Archbishops Laurentius Paulinus Gothus and Carl Fredrik af Wingård. Take the time to enjoy a picnic lunch near the lake or cycle down the path along the Fyris River to Uppsala.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Sunnersta Herrgård, Sunnerstavägen 24, 756 51 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 32 42 20


Hotel von Kraemer

Uppsala’s highest situated hotel overlooks the Kåbo neighborhood and southern parts of Uppsala. Hotel von Kraemer has 84 rooms, all of which have a French-style balcony, giving you a great view of the city. The historical monuments like Uppsala Castle, Vasaborgen Museum, Botanical Gardens and Carolina Rediviva Library are all close by. Von Kraemer’s restaurant and rooftop café are located on the fifth floor and serve dishes made from organic ingredients of local production.

Price: Luxury

Hotel von Kraemer, Von Kraemers allé 26, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 495 99 00


Hotell Charlotte

Hotell Charlotte is located in the historic area of Uppsala, near the famous student district and the University. The hotel has 25 rooms in total (15 single and 10 double) each uniquely decorated and designed with simple furnishing. The hotel aims to preserve the city’s atmosphere and history, by exhibiting works connected to the city. Among those are the works of local artist Peder Strandh, and writer Simon McKeown who tells stories of famous former citizens of Uppsala.

Price: Mid-range

Hotell Charlotte, Sankt Johannesgatan 31c, 745 34 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 51 04 14



Akademihotellet is located in Uppsala’s historical district, near the Castle and Cathedral. The hotel was built in 1930s by the city’s Student Union Foundation and was used to house students, and between the 1960s and 2009 it was under the management of Uppsala’s University. The hotel has 37 comfortable rooms, equipped with wooden furniture and all modern amenities. Many rooms have high ceilings and large windows overlooking the Cathedral. Walk around the English Park or go to the main shopping street Dragarbrunnsgatan, both located close by.

Price: Mid-range

Akademihotellet, Övre Slottsgatan 5, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 15 51 90


Hotell Fyrislund

Hotell Fyrislund is a modern hotel which opened in 2009. The hotel has 48 rooms with simple yet stylish design of wood and muted colors. The hotel is privately owned and is located in a modern industrial area, outside of Uppsala. Due to its location, it is an ideal hotel for business stays. Rent a bike for easy city explorations or enjoy activities on the water, like windsurfing and kayaking.

Price: Mid-range

Hotell Fyrislund, Fyrislundsgatan 81, 754 50 Uppsala, Sweden, +46 18 10 88 70