The Prettiest Parks in Seville

Photo of Stella Carnegie
9 February 2017

An ancient city full of energy and rich culture, famous for it’s flamenco and integration of Moorish influence in its stunning architecture, Seville is the largest city in southern Spain and is an absolute must on any traveller’s Spanish adventures. What may not be known to many visitors, however, is that the city has a whole entire natural world to discover. Here is a list of the prettiest parks in Seville.

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Alameda de Hercules

Located in the historic city center of Seville, Alameda de Hercules is one of the oldest public gardens in Spain and all of Europe. At the entrance to the gardens sit two tall marble columns that originally stood in front of a 2nd century Roman temple, on top of which sit none other than Julius Caesar and Hercules himself, who is believed by many to have built the city of Seville long ago. The main pathway through the gardens, Paseo de la Alameda de Hercules, a dried branch of the Guadalquivir river, is lined with marvelous trees of orange and pine, as well as flowing fountains that catch all of the light shining through the trees.

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Maria Luisa Park

The most famous public garden in the city donated by Infanta María Luisa Fernanda de Borbón, Maria Luisa Park is a magical space with a romantic atmosphere that can mesmerize anyone who steps foot on its grounds. The main attraction is the Plaza de España, a breath-taking display of architecture and must-see on any visit to Seville — however, it is only a part of what makes the park so wonderful. Architectural elements of fountains and gazebos are tastefully integrated throughout the natural environment of palm and orange trees, elms, Mediterranean pines and ponds. This park will charm you for hours, so make sure to plan a long stroll on a sunny afternoon.

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Alcázar Palace Gardens

Behind the wonder that is the Alcazar in the historic center of the city, lies the Alacazar Palace Gardens, a collection of fountains, trees, passageways, fragrant flowers and more vibrant greens that will bring you into a beautiful and relaxing hypnosis. The poetic nature of these monumental gardens invokes feelings and emotions that at the same time are brought to a state of enjoyment in relaxation and contemplation. Get lost in these gardens any day or attend any of the marvelous summer concerts as a part of the series, Nights in the Garden of the Alcazar.

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Murillo Gardens

The most wonderful part of the walk from the city center toward the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, on the way toward Plaza de España, is not only the cookie-selling convent that may grace your path or the energetic restaurants that smell of freshly juiced oranges, but the walk through the Murillo Gardens. Known to many for its strange trees and palms that shade the stunning ceramic benches and art work on the walls and fountains, these gardens provide a enlightening and peaceful escape from the noise of the city. Named after the 17th century Sevillan painter Murillo, these gardens will leave you feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and more than ready to marvel at the many wonders this city has to offer.

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Alamillo Park

Inaugurated in 1993, Alamillo Park is a vast green space across the Alamillo’s Bridge that allows any local or tourist an escape outside of the city. Its eastern edge runs along a body of water that connects to the Guadaluivir River, while a pond lies at its western edge. This park is perfect for a picnic or sunny day lounging with family and friends, as there is also a lot of space for activities like sports, running, and strolling as well as snacks and refreshments on the cafe terraces. Make the trip up north for a day of fun and relaxation under the warm sun and green trees.