The Best Restaurants For A Menú Del Día In Barcelona

FA2DE0 BASQUE MARKET, ICONIC PAN of Spains most famous meal of colorful Paella prepared by Chief for outdoor lunch, Boise, Idaho, USA
FA2DE0 BASQUE MARKET, ICONIC PAN of Spains most famous meal of colorful "Paella" prepared by Chief for outdoor lunch, Boise, Idaho, USA | © steve bly / Alamy
Tara Jessop

One of the best things about having lunch out mid-week is being able to find a good menú del día – the affordable worker’s meal that was made law by General Franco’s government in the 1960s. While restaurants are no longer legally required to provide this wallet-friendly option, many continue to do so, and in some cases, it’s really what they’re best-known for. Here’s our local’s guide to some of the best restaurants for a menú del día in Barcelona.

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Betlem’s subtitle Miscelánia Gastronomica – or ‘gastronomic miscellany’ – is a good indication of what sets the tempo at this cool corner bistro: a sense of culinary curiosity. Located in a former corner store in Eixample, Betlem has always been forward thinking, offering locals a place to try innovative takes on Catalan classics and the occasional touch of something exotic. The worker’s lunch is great value for money, offering the chance to hang out in this hip locale for a very reasonable price.

Bar Cañete

Tell any local you’ve been to Cañete and you’ll be sure to get an air of approval, and just a touch of jealousy. The Bar Cañete is the cheeky, slightly more informal younger cousin of the restaurant located just next door. Both ooze sophistication and the feel of luxury that comes with crisp, white table cloths and polished bronze fixtures. But the busy, open kitchen at the Bar adds a sense of hype and modernity, which only adds to the feeling that this is the place to be seen. Nobody needs to know you’re eating from the €16 menu. Shhh…

Con Gracia

Con Gracia is a renowned restaurant located in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. It stands out for its innovative approach to Catalan cuisine, combining traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques and artistic presentation. The restaurant offers a unique and memorable dining experience that has garnered both local and international acclaim.

La Llavor dels Origens

“La Llavor dels Origens” captures the essence of Catalonia’s rich culinary heritage while embracing a modern and sustainable approach. For those seeking an authentic taste of Catalan cuisine in a cozy and welcoming setting, this restaurant offers a delightful journey through the flavors, traditions, and origins of the region.

Cera 23

Cera 23 is a renowned restaurant nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, celebrated for its fusion of Mediterranean and international flavors. With its creative culinary offerings and inviting atmosphere, Cera 23 has captured the attention of locals and visitors alike, establishing itself as a vibrant gastronomic destination within the city.

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