Gourmet Galicia | Top 10 Restaurants from A Coruña to Vigo

Octopus is a specialty dish in Galicia | © Javier Lastras/Flickr
Octopus is a specialty dish in Galicia | © Javier Lastras/Flickr
The final destination of pilgrims since the Middle Ages, Galicia has strong tradition of hospitality. A land where wild nature and rough ocean coexist, Spain’s Northwestern boasts a rich variety of local produce that over the centuries has become a strong culinary style. From Santiago de Compostela to A Coruña, from Vigo to Ourense, this updated guide takes you through the best spots to taste Galician fare.

Santiago de Compostela - Abastos 2.0
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Terra Nosa

Terra Nosa

Encompassing a pub and storefront, Abastos 2.0 is located in the central Praza de Abastos in Santiago de Compostela. The nearby market is where chefs Iago Pazos and Marcos Cerqueiro shop daily for the freshest ingredients to combine in their dishes. The taberna (pub) serves a different menu every day, which is inspired by whatever the chefs find on their morning errands to the market, while the ghalpón (storefront) focuses on a weekly menu, which also evolves according to the availability of fresh produce and features B+B+G Thursdays, when Galician meat burgers and beer become the protagonists.
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A Coruña - El De Alberto
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Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail | ©Jon Sullivan/WikimediaCommons

A Coruña – El De Alberto

Red paint, light stone, and dark beams provide the frame this graceful little restaurant is set in. Refined to the tiniest detail, El De Alberto basks in a rustic and homely atmosphere, which diners will love as soon as they enter and take a seat at one of the restaurant’s tables. The dishes served are inspired by traditional Galician cuisine and ingredients, so it comes as no surprise that fish takes center stage at El De Alberto. Particular care is given to the presentation of the dishes, which are arranged in creative, harmonious and colorful combinations to please both eyes and taste buds.

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Vigo - Maruja Limon
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Maruja Limon, Vigo

Maruja Limon, Vigo | Courtesy of Maruja Limon

Vigo – Maruja Limon

As rare as it might be in the world of cuisine and restaurateurs, sometimes a stellar career starts by coincidence, and that is precisely the case of chef Rafa Centeno. After a degree in labor relations, young and inexperienced Centeno opened Maruja Limon, but only later ended up in the kitchen. After a decade his self-taught talent was recognized by a Michelin star, which the restaurant still proudly holds. Located in the Siete Torres complex, Maruja Limon enjoys a setting of simple elegance, where the chef’s very personal and ever-changing creations, such as his hake with a reduction sauce prepared from its spines, are served.

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A Coruña - Arbore da Veira
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A Coruña – Arbore da Veira

The ambience at Arbore da Veira is as distinctive as the fare that the restaurant offers. Light parquet covers the floors, while the warm hue of leather chairs invites diners to lounge and prepare for a unique dining experience. Wood dominates the environment, with no cloths to cover the oak tables and the braches of almond trees infusing the space with a natural and relaxing feel. Eating is a tasting experience as much as it is a visual one: dishes a arranged in delicately elaborate compositions blend the flavors of fresh local ingredients and come as part of a raíz menu (eight course) or arbore menu (12 courses).

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A Coruña - Alborada
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A Coruña

A Coruña | © pepebarambio/Flickr

A Coruña – Alborada

Opened in 2006, Alborada was founded with the precise aim of maintaining the rich culinary tradition of Galicia. By employing modern cooking methods, the restaurant’s cuisine remains firmly rooted in its Galician identity while bringing a twist of innovation to the table. Retaining a strong link with the Atlantic origins of the local fare, the menu’s main focus is fish and includes items like langoustine, red seabream, Atlantic mackerel, Galician scallops and lobster. The extensive wine list includes a variety of wines from the region to sip between bites or to taste on the ample terrace overlooking the ocean.

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A Coruña – Pulpeira O Fiuza

This family run pulpería in A Coruña has a history going back more than 50 years. Situated in the vicinity of the Roman lighthouse known as the Tower of Hercules, Pulpeira O Fiuza has established itself as a prime local institution by serving some of the best octopus in the region. An authentic and traditional spot, well known and populated with local crowds, this pulpería is set in an unpretentious, unsophisticated, plain environment where the quality of the food is central and the core reason for its vast popularity. The surprising variety of octopus-based dishes is bound to impress taste buds with genuine Galician flavors.

Pulpeira O Fiuza, Avenida Navarra 33, A Coruña, Spain, +34 981 923 470

A Coruña - Casa Marcelo
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Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral | © Abel Pardo López/Flickr

Just steps away from sight of the imposing façade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, a major pilgrimage destination since Medieval times, Casa Marcelo finds its location, along one of the town’s ancient and narrow streets. One of the foreground spaces for cutting edge cuisine in Galicia, the place underwent a series of renovations to finally take the shape of a modern gastro-pub serving some inspiring fusion dishes. Rooted in the Galician tradition, the cooking style at Casa Marcelo bears a strong Japanese influence, with flavors from the two culinary regions blending together in masterfully accomplished combinations by chef Marcelo Tejedor.
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A Coruña - Restaurante As Garzas
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As Garzas, A Coruña

As Garzas, A Coruña | Courtesy of As Garzas

An isolated chalet-style building along the ocean shore, As Garzas can count on a stunning location which allows diners to delight upon breathtaking views of the Atlantic waves through the ample windows of the main dining hall. Furnished with elegance and attention to detail, the interior decor plays on the light that breaks in through the glass surfaces and makes As Garzas an airy and delightful place for a superb Michelin-starred meal. With the kitchen run by Fernando Agrasar, the restaurant’s cuisine is true to its Galician roots and local produce, upon which the chef impresses a creative and modern slant.
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A Coruña – Mesón O Pote

Located in the historical center of Betanzos, Mesón O Pote is a traditional Galician tavern, proudly serving the most genuine and authentic recipes developed throughout the local culinary history. Putting as much emphasis on produce from the sea as on ingredients that come from the land, Mesón O Pote is committed to realizing dishes using authentic Galician produce. Arroz con leche (rice and milk) features among specialities alongside xarrete asado (a roasted beef cut typical of the region). Tortilla de Betanzos, a dish with a great historical legacy, is not only available at this tavern but has also won a national award.

Mesón O Pote, Travesía do Progreso 9, Betanzos, A Coruña, Spain, +34 981 774 822

Meson o Pote

Courtesy of Mesón o Pote

Ourense - A Taberna
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Ourense – A Taberna

Not far from the Jardín del Posío, in the historical centre of Ourense, A Taberna is housed within the walls of a restored ancient house. Decorated in a classic, rustic style, with wooden shelves holding ceramic pots and plates and copper ladles hanging from the walls, this restaurant welcomes diners in a warm and homely space. The rich and varied menu offers local specialities prepared with seasonal produce. The list of warm and cold appetizers is long, and the choice of fish or meat mains includes a number of tempting sirloin options, sea bass in salt crust, and codfish and rabe stew.

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