The Best Luxury Hotels in La Rioja, Spain

The historic stone buildings of La Rioja's villages house some of the region's most luxurious hotels
The historic stone buildings of La Rioja's villages house some of the region's most luxurious hotels | © David Kleyn / Alamy Stock Photo

The Rioja region pours a full glass of Spanish history. Surrounded by the vineyards that yield some of Spain’s finest vintages, its stone-lined villages and hilltop market towns are studded with the palacios (palaces) of medieval nobles. Wine tourism is a luxurious business in La Rioja – shimmering designer villas, elegant escapes in centuries-old palaces and atmospheric retreats on working vineyards make up the region’s best luxury hotels, all bookable on Culture Trip.

Hotel Marqués de Riscal

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4.6/5 (175 Reviews)
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Some La Rioja hotels go big on nostalgia, but Hotel Marqués de Riscal is a joyous celebration of everything modern. Describing itself as a “21st-century château,” the hotel was designed by Frank Gehry – viewed from afar, it resembles an abstract art sculpture melting organically into the landscape. Rooms are luxurious – indoor spaces flow into outdoor spaces through eccentric, angular windows. There’s a chic spa and celeb-chef restaurant, and the vineyards of Elciego roll out from the doorstep like a carpet.

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Hotel Gastronómico Echaurren

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196357204 - Hotel Gastronómico Echaurren -
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Set behind a stone-columned façade in the village of Ezcaray, this dignified retreat calls out to gourmands with two top-class restaurants. El Portal has been fêted with two Michelin stars for the inspiring tasting menus of chef Francis Paniego, while Echaurren Tradición delves deep into traditional La Rioja cuisine. Almost a side serving to the stunning food, rooms have a Nordic blend of simplicity and style with natural wood tones, swatches of colour and partitions making zones out of the living spaces.

Hotel Palacio Tondón

4.7/5 (80 Reviews)
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The name says it all at this sleek former palace, facing onto the Ebro River. The original building – a stone-built charmer from the 16th-century – has been extended with straight-edged elements in glass and steel. It’s an eye-catching blend of the ancient and modern; wood-filled rooms enjoy sublime views of the river and a green swathe of vineyards. Meanwhile, the interior design is refined rather than ostentatious – think lots of natural wood and unbleached linen, reflecting the colours of the old building.

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Finca de los Arandinos

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Bringing the vineyard experience firmly into the modern age, Finca de los Arandinos feels like a fine art gallery transplanted to the Rioja countryside. Vineyards create a cross-hatched grid around this striking modernist block, which serves up horizon-expanding views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Rooms are minimalist and calming, full of whites and wood tones, and shared spaces are decked out with artworks and modern materials. Come for privacy, fine dining and winery tours without having to leave the hotel grounds.

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Hospedería del Vino

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866b4f28 - Hospedería del Vino
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Celebrated for its robust, spirited reds, the Bodega Puelles vineyard would be worth a visit just for its wines, but intimate accommodation in a tower-topped mansion set amongst the grapevines is the clincher. Part of the family home, rooms are gently informal, with rustic fabrics and vineyard views through large windows, and tastings and tours are part of the package. A hidden-from-prying-eyes pool and spa and spirit-calming walks through the vineyards only add to the air of private seclusion.

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  • Hotel Real Casona de las Amas

    Boutique Hotel
    92f216ca - Hotel Real Casona de las Amas
    Courtesy of Hotel Real Casona de las Amas / Expedia

    A Rioja palace with real charm, Hotel Real Casona de las Amas is an atmospheric sprawl of 17th-century buildings full of rough-hewn stone and timeworn wooden beams, surrounding a courtyard garden. Rooms get the mix of nostalgia and comfort just right, with canopies over the bedsteads, heirloom furniture and drapes that flow for miles. The hotel lounge is one of La Rioja’s most relaxing living spaces – and that’s before you get to the spa and saltwater pool.

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    Hotel Viura

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    d73b1ee6 - Hotel Viura
    Courtesy of Hotel Viura / Expedia

    The village of Villabuena de Álava, or Eskuernaga in Basque, has almost as many wineries as inhabitants, but Hotel Viura transforms the wine village experience. An eccentric assembly of modernist cubes, like a Picasso painting executed in three dimensions, the hotel offers ultra-modern luxury, tucked into a stone square beside the village church. Rooms blend designer furnishings, outsized artworks and urban materials such as aged metal and polished concrete. It’s a stylish whole, and a relaxing bistro and house winery complete the list of La Rioja essentials.

    Hotel Calle Mayor

    b8c6af8f - Hotel Calle Mayor
    Courtesy of Hotel Calle Mayor / Expedia

    Modernist furniture in fashionable fabrics, handmade rugs in Pointillist colours and a smart design mark out this tasteful hotel in Logroño, the historic capital of La Rioja. From the sculptural street map of Logroño filling one wall of the main stairway, to the minimalist style of the bedrooms, Hotel Calle Mayor gets the details just right. Outside, the Logroño streets spill into the green Parque del Ebro, promising calm walks beside the Ebro River.

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    Palacio de Samaniego

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    e2d8c9c3 - Palacio de Samaniego
    Courtesy of Palacio de Samaniego / Expedia

    The owners of this elegantly updated stone-walled palacio in the wine village of Samaniego understand the importance of light. Perforated walls, scattered lamps, skylights and picture windows fill the bedrooms with brightness, and the combination of tactile fabrics and objets d’art make the place feel like the home of a retired museum curator. A fine-dining restaurant plus a stylish terrace and pool in the walled garden complete the sense of escape.

    World-famous wine is just one of the reasons why you should visit La Rioja, but there is so much more for you to explore. With our expert guidance, it’s easy to find a great hotel that fits all of your needs or a stylish boutique hotel you won’t soon forget. Best of all, you can book right here on Culture Trip. After a long day, there’s no better way to relax than with a delicious meal at one of the best traditional restaurants in La Rioja and a glass of wine at one of the best wine bars around.

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