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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Belgrade Old Town

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Belgrade Old Town

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Updated: 8 November 2016
The modern brunch restaurants in Belgrade are cozy and welcoming and they offer a wide variety of traditional Serbian breakfast food like proja (corn flour cake) prženice (deep fried bread) and kačamak (porridge made with white cornmeal), as well as popular European favorites like omelets and sandwiches with juice and coffee. Here’s our guide to the best places for brunch in the Serbian capital.

Mala Fabrika Ukusa

Mala Fabrika Ukusa serves traditional Serbian food with a modern twist. The place has a modern rustic feel, with interiors made of white wood to contrast with the dark wood tables and wall decorations. There is also a large garden at the back of the restaurant, perfect for summer brunch al fresco. Their Breakfast menu revolves around egg dishes: Try Doručak M.F.U. consisting of proja, a type of cake made of corn flour, cheese, kajmak, prosciutto and paprika.

Mala Fabrika Ukusa, Nebojsina 49a, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2435727



This trendy restaurant is located in the heart of Belgrade Old Town. Mixing modern and traditional decorations, Tribeca creates a relaxed atmosphere with its sleek design. From omelettes and sandwiches to polenta and sausages, Tribeca offers an interesting mix of local Serbian and international dishes. Try their famous black bread, topped with kajgana, scrambled eggs, and smoked salmon. For your drink, look no further than the impressive juice bar, where you’ll find all manner of fresh juices, including more unusual mixes like watermelon or beetroot.

Tribeca, Kralja Petra 20, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 3285566



Smokvica is a charming restaurant, situated in the middle of the old town. Smokvica means little fig and at the great garden of the restaurant you can find its namesake tree. Enjoy the cool of the garden or the Mediterranean style decor inside, in white and blue hues. Their Brunch menu focuses on Mexican food. Besides quesadillas, you can order a ‘country style breakfast’ with eggs, salad and focaccia. All forms of eggs are available, from scrambled and sunny side up to baked or poached eggs.

Smokvica B&B, Kralja Petra 73, Beograd, Serbia, +381 69 446 4 056


Restoran Zavičaj

Zavičaj invites you in with its ethno décor, reflecting the authentic Serbian heritage. Displayed along the wooden shelves are decorated coffee pots, old coffee mills and irons. The interior is warm and cozy: there are wooden tables covered with plaid tablecloths, and your breakfast will be served on old style pottery plates. For a traditional brunch, order kačamak, porridge made of white cornmeal, served with kajmak, which is similar to clotted cream. Along with your food, you should also try the traditional Serbian sour milk.

Etno restoran Zavičaj, Gavrila Principa 77, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 7616220



Monument is a bright and modern restaurant, with an orange-painted interior and checkered floor. Tables are made of wood and have mosaic style decorations. The brunch menu offers sandwiches, egg dishes and salty pancakes. Try the monument breakfast, with toast, pancetta, eggs, mozzarella, cream and tomato. Besides regular sandwiches, Monument also has burritos. Check out their selection of fresh juices and fruity frappes.

Monument, Čika-Ljubina 9, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 7617254


Srpska Kafana

Srpska kafana has tables with checkered tablecloths, paintings by the great Serbian painter Paja Jovanović and portraits of famous stage actors from the nearby theater Atelier 212. The breakfast menu has all the traditional Serbian food, such as proja, kačamak and egg dishes. Try prženice, bread slices dipped in eggs and milk and deep fried with cheese and ham.

Srpska Kafana, Svetogorska 25, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 324 71 97


Avgustin Waffle & Ice Bar

Part of the Belgrade Art Hotel, Avgustin Waffle & Ice Bar is a great place for a sweet brunch in the old part of the city. Enjoy the crunchy waffles, made with crystallized sugar. If you love toppings, Avgustin Waffle & Ice Bar offers a wide variety to choose from, including seasonal fruit, freshly made ice cream or custard cream. There’s no better way to greet the day than with a fresh cup of coffee and delicious waffle.

Beograd Art hotel, 27 Kneza Mihaila, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 3312000



Restaurant Snežana is a two part pizzeria and cafe place, located on the crossroads of two of the most important roads in Belgrade. Opened in 1958, the decor highlights the long history of the restaurant: black and white pictures and bookshelves filled with old books create a rustic and relaxed environment. Here you can taste a modernized English breakfast with eggs, sausages, rocket salad and feta cheese. Try their take on the famous club sandwich, with grilled beef, parmesan cheese and oyster mushrooms, or enjoy a selection of sweet and sour crepes and freshly made juices.

Snežana, Kneza Mihaila 50, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2635706


Cafe & Factory

As the name suggests, Cafe & Factory is a perfect place for all coffee lovers. The concept behind this place is to bring freshly roasted coffee to the table. Grab your favorite caffeinated drink and relax in the cozy atmosphere of this bar. Try their prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich and top it off with the refreshing Rise and Shine smoothie, made of raspberry, peach and orange.

Cafe & Factory, Kralja Petra 23, Beograd, Serbia, +381 653675642


Garden Food

Garden Food has a wonderfully rustic and homely vibe. The breakfast menu includes omelettes and ciabatta sandwiches made with vegetables, tuna, chicken and cheese. Try the prosciutto and gorgonzola sandwich, with Italian prosciutto, gorgonzola dressing and fresh salad mix in olive oil and oregano ciabatta. Order a freshly squeezed juice or yogurt frappe with your food.

Garden Food, Kosovska 18, Beograd, Serbia, +381 63 500144