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The 10 Best Bars In Belgrade, Serbia
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The 10 Best Bars In Belgrade, Serbia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Whether you want to taste the traditional Serbian drink rakija, relax with a glass of wine or try local beer, Belgrade is where you find it all. Try the best cocktails in town, soak up the sun in a tranquil garden, share a bottle overlooking the river or explore an old workshop converted into a bar. Here’s our guide to the 10 best bars in the Serbian capital.
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Jazz Bašta

Jazz Bašta is a perfect place for all jazz lovers. The bar is dominated by a brick walled garden, situated in an old building from 1870s. The interior is composed of wooden furniture, with pictures on the wall or newspaper themed wallpaper, giving the atmosphere that old-style French Riviera feel. Grab a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy live performance of different jazz bends.

Jazz Bašta, Male stepenice 1, Beograd, Serbia, +381 62 8711475

Bar Wines
Bar Wines l | © Alex Brown/Flickr
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Podrum Wineart

Podrum Wineart combines modern and rustic decor to create a warm and welcoming environment, where you can enjoy different wines from all over the world. Brick walls and wooden interior nicely compliment the displayed selection of wine bottles. Choose from more than 160 different wines, including local Serbian, fruity Italian and crisp Australian. Check out their selection of delicious snacks to accompany your glass of wine. Podrum Wineart combines a wine bar with a wine shop; both are located in the heart of Belgrade Old Town.

Podrum Wine Art, Višnjićeva 7, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 2625 237

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The Black Turtle II Pub

Situated in the Belgrade Old Town, the Black Turtle Pub welcomes you in with the warm atmosphere of a traditional pub. The interior is created primarily from brown wood, interspersed with red leather couches. The garden overlooks the river and new parts of the city across it. Black Turtle is known for its beer, and they produce both light and dark varieties. Try one of their famous fruit flavored beers, such as blueberry, lemon or strawberry. Depending on the season, you can taste the special produced beers, like smoked lager, amber abbey or New Year’s brew.

The Black Turtle Pub II, Kosančićev Venac 30, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 32 86 656

Flaming Cocktails
Flaming Cocktails I | © Nik Frey/WikiCommons
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Bar Central

Located in the old town, Bar Central is where you can find the best cocktails in the city. Numerous awards confirm their status, as well as crowds gathering here every night. The menu includes more than 600 alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The interior is sleek and modern, dominated by a large bar. Opened more than a decade ago by the Bartenders’ Association of Serbia, Bar Central is also a training center for the upcoming bartenders, located in a separate part of the bar.

Bar Central, Kralja Petra 59, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 11 2626444

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Radionica Bar

Located in the industrial zone in the Dorćol district of Belgrade, Radionica is an old workshop converted into a bar. The bar’s past life is reflected in the interior: brick and raw concrete walls stand out among the simple wood and metal furniture. Decorations are sparse, so the lighting of the disco ball reflects off tables and chairs. The entrance is through wide metal doors, also a leftover from the previous workshop. Enjoy the funky music while taking a break from the city exploration.

Radionica Bar, Dobračina 59a, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 60 0399992

Bottle of Quince Rakija, beside Serbian traditional flask
Bottle of Quince Rakija, beside Serbian traditional flask I | © Laslovarga/WikiCommons

Rakia Bar

Bar, Contemporary, $$$
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Živeli to the good stuff!
Živeli to the good stuff! | © Rakia Bar Zemun / Facebook

Rakia Bar

If you wish to taste the traditional Serbian fruit brandy rakija, Rakia Bar is the perfect place to go. As the name suggest, rakija is the main offer on the menu. You can taste more than 50 flavors of this drink, where each flavor is specific for a different region in the country. During winter, Rakia Bar offers a special warm rakija, with cinnamon and clove flavor. Enjoy the quaint atmosphere of this bar, while sampling the traditional plum rakija or a more unusual lavender or honey variety.

Rakia Bar, Dobračina 5, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 3286 119

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Mon - Sun:
9:00 am - 1:00 am


Nightlife, Stylish, Relaxed, Traditional
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Ljutić is a cocktail and coffee bar, best known for its summer garden which offers wooden pallets converted into swings and chairs made of car tires. Ljutić is located near the famous theater Atelje 212, in the Belgrade Old Town. The bar often displays works of young artists. Enjoy live performances of different bands or one of the thematic evenings, such as masquerade ball, tropical party or cocktail evening.

Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Beograd, Serbia, +381 60 3225294

Jelen beer
Jelen beer from Serbia I | © James Cridland/Flickr
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Cigla Bar

Cigla Bar is located in the center of Belgrade, near the Republic Square. The bar’s name cigla means brick, and is a hint to the bar’s interior design: the walls and the bar are both made from bricks. The furniture is mostly wooden, with bright, white cushions scattered about. On the wall, you can see an old wooden telephone and old photographs of famous city sights. Cigla Bar is a beerhouse, known for its domestic and international beer selection.

Cigla Bar, 11 Čika-ljubina, Beograd, Serbia, +381 11 1580064

Passengers Bar

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary, $$$
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One of Belgrade's more underrated gardens
One of Belgrade's more underrated gardens | Courtesy of Passengers Bar / Facebook

Passengers Bar

Passengers Bar has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere during the day, becoming lively and cheerful in the evening. Located in Old Town, near the central pedestrian zone, Passengers is a beer bar. Here you can try Kaš beer, from the local brewery based in Belgrade. Try ordering tortilla or pizza, or make a sugar stop and try their desserts or ice cream. Sit outside in the garden and enjoy the sun or listen to live music in the evenings.

Passengers Bar, Simina, Beograd, Serbia, +381 64 1177320

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Mon - Fri:
8:30 am - 1:00 am
Sat - None:
9:30 am - 1:00 am
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10:00 am - 1:00 am


Loud, Outdoors, Nightlife
Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade
Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade I | © PedjaNbg/WikiCommons
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Ameliè Cafe

Ameliè Cafe is a well known place in Belgrade, located near the Museum of Applied Arts. The interior is designed in the colorful style of the previous century: baskets of fruit and flower buckets decorate the tables, while small paintings and ceramic dishes are displayed on the bare, brick walls. The furniture is made of wood in different colors, and lace curtains cover the windows. Try their cakes and order a cup of coffee or ice tea served in jars, then switch to beer as the evening draws on.

Ameliè Café, Toplicin Venac 4, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 11 123456