The Best Venues for Coffee Lovers in Volgograd

Coffee for two | © StockSnap / Pixabay
Coffee for two | © StockSnap / Pixabay
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A cafe, a bakery, a little hidden venue with typical Russian courses, you’ll find all that in the centre of Volgograd. This list of best cafes in Volgograd is a mix of new and well established cafes in the downtown area.

Volgograd is best known for its thriving restaurant scene, however locals are constantly dining out in the new venues and just grabbing a cup of coffee with Russian pastries during the daytime. We’ve prepared for you a guide to our favourite venues of Volgograd’s caffeine scene.

Cafe Korzik

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Korzik is a distinctive Russian cafe and bakery in Volgograd like no other. With its compelling menu with amazing croissants, cakes and pancakes, there are several options for breakfast, lunch and early dinner (which is typical in this part of Russia since the sun goes down early in winter). Visit Cafe Korzik and try the best pastries in the city.


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Cappuccino has managed to nail that all-day eatery Russian vibe that often reminds locals of how quick the service was in Moscow and how laid-back it is here. Each order is prepared with love and impeccable care nevertheless. This venue is a bright charming place and turns into a cozy locale for dinnertime. The menu is full of typical Russian courses of this region along with Mediterranean snacks. The huge bakery is located in the venue, and you can order pastries and cakes in advance and even choose all the ingredients.

Veranda Hall

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Veranda Hall is a cafe sensation in the Volgograd area. It won’t be one of the most impressive venues you ever visit in this city, however it’s a typical Volgograd place to eat, have fun and enjoy some karaoke. It’s an experience, mainly because of the audience inside and surely because of the Russian cafe menu full of local foods and good coffee. If you like to have fun, this place is for you!

La Gazzetta

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You’re in Volgograd and have a craving for traditional Italian pizza and “un caffe per favore”? La Gazzetta Cafe is about to offer you a variety of innovative and delicious Italian courses in the heart of Volgograd. Don’t forget to order a fortifying creamy coffee along with pannacotta and tiramisu. Yummy! Friendly and speedy service in a classic Italian atmosphere.

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Blin Club

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“Blin (sg. – блин)” is a typical Russian pancake, and if you’re here, you can’t miss this place — mainly because its main courses are the various pancakes with different fillings and toppings. And if your ideal coffee spot has some combination of tasty local food, cozy atmosphere and impeccable service, then Blin Club is the place you’re looking for, no doubt. Local food first, right? If yes, then get a load of these typical Russian courses: pancakes with jam, turkey with vegetables and of course a vast choice of desserts, pastries, tea and coffee.