The Best Places to Try Georgian Cuisine in St Petersburg

Georgia I © maxbenidze / Pixabay
Georgia I © maxbenidze / Pixabay
Photo of Anastasiia Ilina
6 November 2017

If the words khachapuri and khinkali make you wriggle in your seat with eager anticipation, then it’s time to treat yourself with some Georgian cuisine. If all of this sounds foreign yet – all the better. Getting acquainted with delicious cuisine from the Caucasus means embracing generous meals and the best of southern hospitality. Here’s where to do it in St Petersburg.

Hochu Kharcho

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$
The Second Floor of Khochu Kharcho | © Ginza Project | © Ginza Project

One of the many Ginza Project restaurants around the city, Hochu Harcho specialises in a specific type of Georgian cuisine from the Megrelia region. A particular speciality of the region is the spicy soup kharcho, a delicious hearty beef broth with the perfect mix of herbs and spices.

Khachapuri i Vino

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

This little eatery became an instant success. Their democratic prices and flawless food quality make Khachapuri i Vino popular all through the day. The menu brings together all the best of Georgian cuisine, especially the delicious cheese pizza, khachapuri, made in a traditional clay oven right behind the bar. Reservations are highly recommended.


Restaurant, Georgian

This spot offers a combination of Georgian and Ossetian cuisine, from the people of the Caucasus mountains. Traditionally, a Georgian meal consists of many small starters, followed by a generous meat main course and fresh vegetables, accompanied by plentiful wine and maybe some cognac at the end of the meal. Be prepared for a lot of food and great Georgian hospitality – arriving with an empty stomach is recommended.

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Mimino. Khachapuri i Vino

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

This one might seem a little out of the way, since it’s located in one of the suburbs of St Petersburg. Yet, when visiting Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin and wondering where to have lunch – you can’t go wrong here. The menu is standard for any Georgian restaurants, with an extensive choice of wines, of course. The atmosphere is very cozy, with traditional Georgian interiors and ethnic music. Eating here is a great way to experience the best of two cultures.


Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

A very lively and social restaurant with many events happening throughout the year, ranging from live music shows to gourmet food nights. The menu is a mixture of traditional classic dishes and some imaginative creations from the chef. A special section of the menu here is dedicated to various soups, especially the fish soup tarshun, an in-house speciality

Chito Gvirto

Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

A cozy restaurant with an open kitchen, where you can watch your khachapuri bake and your kebab roast. A special treat here is their sulguni cheese – the restaurant has their own supplier. It is an ingredient in many dishes, but is just as delicious on its own, dipped in honey or into a spicy Georgian sauce.


Restaurant, Georgian, $$$

Tbiliso has been operating for quite a while and has gained the trust of patrons over the years. They have their own mangal barbecue and also make their own cheese. The colourful design of the interior adds an extra spice to the evening. Tables are conveniently separated from one another with dividers, making this restaurant a good choice for a big family dinner or for a quiet romantic night out.

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