The Best Contemporary Fast Food Restaurants & Cafés in Moscow

Gourmet Burgers | © Unsplash/Pixabay
Gourmet Burgers | © Unsplash/Pixabay
Modern Moscow’s rhythm of life sometimes gets too fast and you simply don’t have much time to have a regular lunch or dinner and so have to use eat on the run.The local fast food restaurant scene doesn’t just feed your stomach quickly, it feeds the soul too. We’re talking about the honest satisfaction of fast and nourishing local and international meals that have sustained generations in Russia, the taste of casual street food and noodles eaten while standing, and typical American fast food diners. These are the places that care more about the fast food on your plate than the décor.

People & Pasta

Restaurant, Italian

Never heard about quick pasta bar? This Russian version of a fast Italian pasta bar has to be one of the healthiest feeds around Moscow. Check the menu and fill up your plate with the best Italian pasta with different toppings, such as chicken, tuna, pesto, prawns, and surely mozzarella and tomatoes.

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🍽Кухня итальянского Капри славится легкостью блюд, обилием свежих овощей и фруктов, а также мягкостью и деликатностью вкусов. Конечно, если круглый год стоит тёплая погода, заказывать тяжелые блюда просто не хочется! 🌞Московское лето наконец-то радует нас более-менее тёплой погодой, потому мы советуем переходить на каприйское меню🙌 🍝Наша паста с курицей и свежей моцареллой придётся как нельзя кстати! 🥗Эта паста - своего рода переосмысление салата Капрезе, который и переводится, как "каприйский". В неё входят свежие томаты, головки моцареллы, кусочки куриной грудки и руккола. 🍴Просто рай на тарелке! • • • #пиплпаста #peoplepasta #сидр #cider #drink #drinking #праздник #weekend #выходные #отдых #лето #летовзиму #паста #итальянскаяпаста #капрезе #моцарелла #томаты #помидоры #помидорычерри #черри #руккола

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Shuk Market

Market, Food Court, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, Healthy, $$$

There are some moments in life when you only want something fast, casual, but extraordinary at the same time. Well, this Middle Eastern food court and market is located right in the heart of Moscow and serves up typical fast meals of this region at affordable prices. A little bit of kosher, a little bit of pies with beef. Isn’t it exciting? Pies are perfect for those moments, except there is no mystery meat inside these little pastry parcels.

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AC/DC in Tbilisi

Cafe, Fusion, Russian, Tea , $$$

Everything is half Russian and half Georgian here. Choose the best burger option out of many for your nourishing experience and fill it with different spicy toppings. Be prepared that this place, located in one of the most popular areas of Moscow, has hour-long weekend queues. But it’s always worth it! The kitchen staff cook really quick.

Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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Laffa Laffa

Cafe, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Israeli, $$$

Laffa Laffa is the Middle Eastern street food café in Moscow’s downtown area. Laffa bread, used widely in Israel for shawarma, is the signature course of the place, with assorted dips. Everything here is cooked on a charcoal grill by chefs from the Middle East. Don’t forget to try their hummus, baba ganoush and falafel. Here you can customise any of your courses, which is what makes this spot truly stand out from others.

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