The Best Cafés in Petrogradskaya District, St Petersburg

A crossroad in Petrogradsky District | © zeesenboot/Flickr
A crossroad in Petrogradsky District | © zeesenboot/Flickr | © zeesenboot / Flickr
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24 April 2018

The Petrogradsky district is perfect for relaxing walks and shameless hours spent in сafés. Sit back with a cup of coffee, and just watch the people go by. Here are some stops we recommend along the way.

Coffee Room

Cafe, European, Asian, $$$
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Coffee Room was opened by a dedicated team of café owners who have some of the best cafés around the city. Their interiors are always well-designed with large panoramic windows that create space and light even inside a small coffee shop. Meals are served throughout the day, including breakfast. The very welcoming atmosphere will make you want to stay for hours.

Bolshe Coffee

Cafe, Pastries, $$$
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A well-hidden small café, nestled inside an artificial cave. Room inside may be scarce, but the coffee is well worth trying. The brew here changes almost on a weekly basis, as the founders were both previously involved in the coffee trading business. The coffee is made using a manually operated brewing machine that is over 30 years old. Some light snacks and desserts are also available.

Meal service:

All Day


Casual, Cosy, Secret, Family Friendly

Probka Cafe

Cafe, Russian, Italian, $$$
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Located at the same address as the Probka restaurant, this café is a complementary establishment to its prominent neighbour, which doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. On the contrary, the dishes here are perhaps not as intricate but still made according to traditional Italian recipes. Also, a discount of 20% is in place after 5pm until closing time at 6pm, so you’ll need to be quick to catch the deal.


Cafe, Russian, European, $$$
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A place for breakfast and wine, though not necessarily together. There are a lot of cheese-based dishes served here, thus the name Syrnik, which is a Russian cottage cheese pancake. It’s a great choice for breakfast dishes as well. There are also various cheeses to go with the wine list for the later part of the day.

Casual Cafe

Cafe, Italian, Japanese, $$$
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A buffet-style café that compensates with reasonable prices for what it lacks in service. It’s simple, casual – as the name suggests – but still good quality and located in a pleasant space. It is only open on weekdays, so no chance of getting a weekend meal here, but perfect for a quick lunch during a work break.

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Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch


Fast Casual, Casual, Family Friendly

Bob i List

Cafe, European, $$$
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A café for coffee lovers, here you can not only try some excellent brews but also learn all about the processes themselves. The Bob i List team roast their beans right on the spot and are happy to teach their visitors, too. There’s special equipment on sale, and classes run from time to time. Alternatively, you can buy their already roasted beans and try brewing at home.

Dolci Cafe

Cafe, European, Japanese, Russian, $$$
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The Dolci Cafe has a variety of menus to choose from, be it breakfast, Italian, Japanese or fitness, with the latter being a special menu for athletes to have before or after their training sessions. It’s also a great café in which to spend some time, sipping a coffee and people-watching out of the large glass windows. Don’t worry if you don’t see it straight away, it’s located inside the Apriori gallery on the 3rd floor.

Meal service:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night


Cosy, Family Friendly, Casual