The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Saransk

Pancakes and berries for brunch|©RitaE/Pixabay
Pancakes and berries for brunch|©RitaE/Pixabay
Photo of Marta Wiejak
30 September 2017

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is especially important on a big match day (or the next morning, after a glorious victory or a staggering defeat). If you’re heading to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and intend to attend some games in Saransk, here are the best breakfast and brunch spots for you.

Otmennaya Pelmennaya

Restaurant, Cafe, Russian, $$$
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A cozy, well-lit restaurant specialising in pelmeni, a type of Russian dumpling. Their breakfast options fall more on the traditional side. A fantastic place for a comfortable, slow morning.

Hello Donuts

Shopping Mall
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If you’re having one of those mornings when nutritional value is not very high on the list of breakfast priorities, grab some doughnuts and coffee in the Rio shopping centre on Sovetskaya, right next to the Cathedral. A wide variety of doughnut flavours are offered, as well as delicious coffee.

Mordovskoe Podvore

Cafe, Restaurant, Russian, $$$
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A traditional Mordovian restaurant located in the city centre. Perfect for lunch and dinner, this place also serves a few breakfast options. It’s a good place for a quick late breakfast and a coffee.

Big Pig

Bar, Restaurant, Contemporary, Russian, $$$
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Big Pig is Saransk’s ultimate brunch location. A great grill restaurant at any time of the day, they serve a variety of sweet and savoury breakfast dishes until 3 pm. It’s another fantastic place for slow, lazy mornings.


Cafe, Bistro, Russian, Contemporary, $$$

Maska is a wonderful spot for a weekday breakfast or a weekend brunch. Delicious coffee and a wide variety of teas are offered. It is not only a cafe but also an art and exhibition space. With some luck, you will bump into interesting individuals here at just about any time of the day.

Paris Reel

Cafe, Russian, $$$
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A French-themed cafe in the city centre with a sweet, cozy interior and delicious breakfast and lunch options, complemented with delicious coffee. They open fairly early on weekdays so Paris Reel is a good spot for breakfast.