The 10 Best Restaurants to Try Traditional Uzbek Food in Moscow

Manti: | © Ramon/ Wikimedia Commons
Manti: | © Ramon/ Wikimedia Commons | Manti: 2 filled with lamb and 2 with pumpkin| © | Ramon/ Wikimedia Commons
Hearty and fragrant, Uzbek cuisine is your ultimate comfort food and one of the most popular ethnic delicacies in Russia. Choosing one from over three hundred Uzbek restaurants in Moscow is never easy, so we’ve picked a few where the food is as authentic as it can be.


Cafe, Fusion, $$$
Summer Terrace
Summer Terrace | Courtesy of Shabada restaurant

One of the oldest authentic Uzbek restaurants, Shabada is where you can try authentic Tashkent plov, samsa and warm flatbread. The restaurant’s summer terrace is perfect for a friends’ night out. If you’re lucky you can spot the Shabada’s celebrity owner – Tbilisi-born singer Soso Pavliashvili.

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Vizir Makhallya & Graf Orlov

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Russian, $$$
Restaurant exterior
Restaurant exterior | Courtesy of Shabada restaurant

Located in a spectacular 18th Century mansion, attributed to famous Russian architect Matvey Kazakov, this restaurant is not the place for a quick bite. The place lives by the Uzbek saying “plov waits for no one” and serves the traditional dish only after 6pm – beautifully set out on a traditional blue and white “Lyagan”.

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Alayskiy Bazar Chaykhana

Restaurant, Middle Eastern, Asian, $$$
Alayskiy Bazar is one of the few authentic Uzbek restaurants with rare and complex dishes on the menu. Here you can have a once in a lifetime gastronomic experience ordering lamb fries or naryn – finely chopped meat with onion and homemade noodles.
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Restaurant, Fusion, Asian, $$$
Uzbek cuisine
Uzbek cuisine | © Forden / Shutterstock

A palace of a restaurant that’s been around since the Soviet era, Uzbekistan is the king of all Uzbek food places in Moscow. The food here is fantastic, service is impeccable and all cooks are from Uzbekistan. If you need more reasons to visit, there are belly dance shows every evening night.

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Restaurant, Middle Eastern

Tasty shashlik, eggplant roll-ups, and shurpa soup are the reasons this place gets so crowded at lunch hour. Perfect for budget travelers, Aiva is also loved for its authentic atmosphere, quick service, and friendly staff.

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Navruz Khalyal

Restaurant, Middle Eastern

Don’t let looks fool you: this nondescript restaurant draws crowds of homesick Uzbeks, craving authentic plov, which is served here in enormous portions. Great for a quick lunch, Navruz is a perfect balance of high-quality Uzbek food and affordable prices.

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