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Krasnodar Park | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina
Krasnodar Park | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina
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A Photographer's Guide to Krasnodar

Picture of Dasha Fomina
Updated: 16 November 2017
Krasnodar is the name that hardly ever pops up in the international news. However, this charming town with more than two centuries of history is chock-full of historic landmarks and beautiful green spaces.

So if you’re heading to Sochi for FIFA World Cup 2018, you may want to take a four-hour drive to discover this hidden gem of Russia’s south. To be sure you make the most of your trip, here’s a list of Krasnodar’s most photogenic spots, courtesy of professional photographer Inna Ladygina.

Nemetskaya Derevnya (German Village)

This laidback residential area dotted with lovely townhouses is one of those places that make you spend the rest of your life there. It’s beautiful at any time of the year, but particularly stunning at sunset, when you can capture fairytale gingerbread houses and swans in a warm natural light.

Blizhni Zapadniy Obkhod Street, Krasnodar, Russia

Krasnodar Park

Launched in 2017, this extraordinary park rivals the newly-opened Zaryadye in Moscow. The vast modern green space, built over a city sandlot, is a truly outstanding project even by international standards. Well-planned, tech-savvy and fantastic-looking, Krasnodar Park is home to the Krasnodar Stadium and has several observation decks that offer spectacular views.

1 Razvedchika Leonova Street, Krasnodar, Russia

Park Sunny Island

This beautiful old park stretches along the banks of river Kuban, so make the most of its riverside location and capture mysterious reflections of ancient oaks hovering over emerald waters. It’s a perfect place for a green respite, since it makes you feel like you’re in some distant tranquil getaway, not amidst a buzzing city.

Park Sunny Island, Krasnodar, Russia

солнечный остров (7)
Park Sunny Island | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina
сОлнечный остров
Park Sunny Island | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina

Bridge of the Kisses

The city’s most romantic place has sadly succumbed to deterioration, but it sure looks very enigmatic after dark. That’s when you can capture its outline against the backdrop of watercolor sky.

Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya Street, Krasnodar, Russia

мост поцелуев
Bridge of the Kisses | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina
мрст поцелуев
Bridge of the Kisses | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina

Krasnaya Street

This is Krasnodar’s main street, lined with city’s major attractions. To be sure you see all the beautiful fountains, buildings and monuments, take your time to walk all the way to the end. If you want your pictures to be perfect, come here early in the morning to beat the crowds.

Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar, Russia

Ekaterininskiy Skver

If you walk all the way down the Krasnaya Street, you’ll find yourself in Ekaterininskiy Skver – a small cosy garden, surrounded by visually arresting buildings of various architectural styles. For better pictures, use the spot in front of the Legislative Assembly building.

Postovaya Street, Krasnodar, Russia

екатерининский сквер (4)
Ekaterininskiy Skver | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina
екатерининский сквер (2)
Ekaterininskiy Skver | © Courtesy of Inna Ladygina

City Garden

One of Krasnodar’s oldest parks boasts the biggest ferris wheel in the city and pretty exciting rides. However, its most photogenic spot is a hill-top pavilion, where you can snap beautifully-lit pictures of the rose alley and colonnade.

34 Postovaya Street, Krasnodar, Russia