A 48 Hour Guide to Russia's Southern Capital, Sochi

Exploring Adler. rawpixel (c) | Pixabay
Exploring Adler. rawpixel (c) | Pixabay
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Contributor / Journalist4 January 2018

Two days is not long enough to explore a city as big as Moscow; however, it’s quite enough for someone who is coming to Sochi for the World Cup 2018 and wants to discover hidden gems, try authentic Russian cuisine and explore local culture. Here’s how to spend 48 hours in the southern capital of Russia – Sochi.

Day 1

Head toward little local bakery Bulki Na More and get yourself a coffee to start the morning. It opens at 8 am daily and is considered to be one of the best places for morning rituals that include pastries, sandwiches and smoothies. The owners use fresh local products delivered daily, including yoghurt mixed with honey, peanut butter, fruit or other nourishing toppings. Yummy!

Once you’re fueled and ready to explore, move to Riviera Park, one of the main attractions of the city centre. Take a long walk and enjoy more than 250 species of indigenous green plants and animals. This park is interesting to visit during any season of the year.

Try authentic cuisine from the region for lunch and head to Vysota 5642, located near Riviera Park. After being welcomed by a responsible and friendly staff, you can try a glorious combination of Georgian, Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisines.

Continue your visit with Stalin’s Villa (Dacha) afterward, which is considered to be one of the most important historical attractions of the city. Be sure to buy a ticket to the wax museum of communism, located on the ground floor.

At this point, the hunger pangs may be returning and you might be ready to find something to eat. Have dinner at the famous local restaurant Che? Harcho!, established by the famous White Rabbit Family restaurant group. Start with local savoury snacks and move on to khinkali topped with memorable ingredients. Try the vodka and home-made lemonades as well.

Day 2

Treat yourself with coffee and traditional Russian babushka pancakes at Wood Coffee Cafe, located in the central neighbourhood of Sochi. Afterward, head to Sochi Central Market to try free samples of local snacks and products. For the most authentic experience, work on your bargaining skills to get the best price.

All that walking will have you hungry in no time, so have a little lunch at one of the most popular local restaurants, Hmeli & Suneli. Here you’ll find a perfect mix of Russian, Georgian and other European cuisines. Be sure to try the Georgian wine.

Next, move to Sochi Art Museum, a huge museum located in the city centre. Once inside, you can view more than 5,000 famous Russian art pieces including works from Shishkin and Serov.

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Book a dinner with a view at luxury restaurant Sanremo, famous for its many traditional Italian courses. We guarantee that you’ll love the restaurant’s ocean view, it’s one of the most exciting views in the city. It is highly recommended that you book a table in advance, especially on weekends.

Last, spice up the night at Agave, a Mexican bar located nearby. Finish off your two-day trip with the best tequila in Sochi, as well as live music and dancing.