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GUM | © khazoff / Pixabay
GUM | © khazoff / Pixabay

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Moscow At Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Updated: 6 February 2018

The city of Moscow is the largest historical, cultural, and administrative city in the entire Russian Federation. The capital of the most gigantic country on the planet is considered to be quite fast, lively, crowded, and mystical with its various historical neighbourhoods and hidden gems. The streets here are quite busy, and the traffic is tough; weather conditions might vary from cold to hot, and you can never predict it. Despite these climate conditions, the city remains an amazing and a picturesque one, and there are definitely a whole host of reasons to come here at least once in a lifetime. Here are the top eight, so you can start planning your trip now.

Traditional architecture

The capital of Russia is famous for its enormous streets and neighbourhoods full of different historical, Soviet, Post-Soviet and modern buildings. Various architectural styles might catch your eye literally on every corner, and each of them represents a traditional Moscow style that remained for decades, if not centuries.

The Moscow theatre scene

Of course, you’ve heard about the Bolshoi at least once in your life. No doubts. Theatre fans from all over the world visit Moscow during the theatre season, which opens annually in October. Only here you can find as many options for your perfect theatrical evening as your heart desires. The capital’s theatres offer its audiences celebrated dramas and comedies, operas and ballets, as well as contemporary performances.

Большой вновь показывает «Лица» на Новой сцене! Молодые талантливые хореографы – участники Молодежной балетной программы Большого, среди которых есть и наши артисты, сегодня вечером раскроют один из своих талантов. Вас ждут новые хореографические номера и мини-балеты их собственного сочинения в исполнении артистов Большого и приглашенных солистов. «Лица» концерта на The Bolshoi shows «Faces» on the New stage! Young and talented choreographers – members of the Bolshoi Theatre Youth Ballet Program tonight will reveal one of their talents. You will see new choreography and mini-ballets of their own composition in the Bolshoi artist and guest soloists performing. «Faces» of the concert: Фото: Батыр Аннадурдыев/Photo by Batyr Annadurdyev #большой #большойтеатр #большойбалет #балет #bolshoi #bolshoiballet #bolshoitheatre #ballet

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Art galleries and museums

The city of Moscow is famous for its extensive and impressive art scene and offers its visitors a wide number of historical museums, galleries and modern art and photography centres, along with workshop halls and art shops and corners. Many of these places provide its visitors with access to unique and important art collections and an entrance to different exhibitions, art events and fairs organized in the city monthly.

Nature and parks

The city of Moscow hosts an abundance of different parks, orangeries and small squares with a great number of local plants and trees. These beautiful nature and recreation spots have become real gems of the city for its residents.

Orthodox churches

The Moscow region has around 830 Orthodox churches, monasteries and chapels. You may view these religious architectural masterpieces in every single neighbourhood of the city. The majority of these places are open daily to visitors, and each of them has a unique collection of religious paintings of Orthodox saints.

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Picturesque city views

The city of Moscow is famous for its huge number of high points and spectacular city views from various neighbourhoods. One of the most popular observation points nowadays is the ‘Federation Tower’ located in the Moscow City business area; however, it’s just one of the many places where you can take a beautiful picture and view the sunset. We highly recommend it!

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Russian cuisine

Russia offers its visitors an enormous variety of traditional dishes. Some of them are considered to be real culinary masterpieces. Only in Moscow you can find many restaurants featuring national cuisine, ranging from budget to Michelin-starred.

Moscow’s nightlife

‘Moscow never sleeps!’ – that’s what locals say about the city, and this is 100% true. Moscow’s nightlife is very fun, never-ending and just might get you quite tipsy. Local clubs, bars and dance halls provide many interesting options to its guests even on a Monday night.


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