7 Russian Fashion Tips to Help You Look a Billion Rubles

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Photo of Anastasiia Ilina
23 January 2018

First of all, a quick disclaimer: not all Russian women dress like this and some of the ideas presented below are perhaps a little too stereotypical. Nevertheless, it does not mean they aren’t true to some extent, so here are some viable tips on how to look a billion rubles.

No occasion is unfit for high heels

As funny and comical as it is to see a young Russian woman slipping and sliding on winter ice in her high heels, they really deserve some appreciation. The art of wearing heels in general is dying out around the world, giving way to the more comfortable choices of sneakers or flats. Russia being a more traditional society has preserved some archaic perceptions, such as the necessity for a woman to come above ground in wobbly stilettos. No occasion is inappropriate, it’s really just a matter of practice.

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Always dress to impress

Never underestimate the occasion. As mentioned above, high heels are accepted in most social situations, but then there’s a whole outfit to put together. It would be incredibly uncomfortable to appear unprepared in a social situation, therefore better to be safe than sorry. Don’t ever rush outside without putting together a well-coordinated outfit, makeup, and especially without fixing your hair. Messy buns and unbrushed ponytails are not accepted by any Russian women, so get brushing!

Wrap up warm in layers of fur

For centuries, owning fur was a sign of wealth. It is isn’t just about having it – there is an inside hierarchy of what type of fur you own. For example owning rare ermine fur was only available to the nobility and royalty. Of course in the present, fur is becoming more available to the masses, but still is considered a sign of wealth. Mink and polar fox fur are especially sought after, whereas rabbit and mutton fur are in the lower price range. Russia is still the place to show off your fur and is unlikely to succumb to the faux fur movement any time soon.

Fur coat | © Pixabay

Expose all branded clothing

Brands are a very important aspect of a display of Russian wealth. It has reached a slightly discerning point of women parading with bags from branded stores to show that they’ve once made a purchase there. Of course the bag doubles the carrying capacity, but really it’s more about the display. Therefore wearing tops with brand names in bold letters and any other clothing with recognisable logos is encouraged. Belts, bags, and any other stylishly-branded accessories are welcome.

Take the time for a manicure

If you haven’t gotten the general idea yet, first impressions are very important. Your nails are one of the first noticeable aspects of your appearance, and now that fur coats and heels are covered this is the last bit. Russian nail salons are fans of the electric manicure, which is more time consuming, but the result is longer lasting. Then nail designs are only limited by the imagination and can by all means be extravagant.

Admiring the end result | © Pixabay

Acquire the latest model of iPhone

Acquiring a phone is a top priority. Without this essential apparatus looks will not be complete. And, yes, it does have to have an apple on and preferably be one of the latest models. Phones can, of course, be decorated with glitter and bling of all sorts. Even better with a branded phone case (refer to previous section).

Create an internet presence

Now that we’ve got the looks sorted and the right technology at hand, it’s time to shine on Instagram. Everybody who is anybody has some form of social media account that generates a number of followers. Of course, that would be the case in any country, but Russia is very particular about the types of photos posted. They should show off all of the above-mentioned tips and success will soon follow.

But first - a selfie | © Pixabay

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