7 Reasons Why Moscow Makes an Excellent Summer Destination

The river bank in Gorky Park
The river bank in Gorky Park | © Alexander Baranov / WikiCommons
Photo of Marta Wiejak
2 February 2018

Some people love a beach holiday, others could hike all summer long. There are cities that can cater to both itineraries, and Moscow is certainly one of them. From cruising the Moskva River to hanging out in Gorky Park, it’s is an excellent place to be in the summer. Here are seven reasons you should include Moscow in your holiday plans.

#1 It’s Full of Picnic-Friendly Parks

Believe it or not, Moscow gets warm and sunny in the summer, and there is no better way to escape the heat and the city than to have a picnic in one of the many parks. Kolomenskoe is an especially popular picnic destination with plenty of lawn space to spread your blankets. It’s easily accessible from the city centre, and you can find great views of the city. Alternatively, try Sokolniki, which offers a more forest-like atmosphere, or VDNKh, which is set in a former Soviet exhibition centre and still maintains the beautiful architecture.

VDNKh | © Sergey Norin/Fickr

#2 It’s a Great Place for Active Holidays

Cycling? Dancing? Running? Whatever your activity of choice, Moscow offers plenty of opportunities to participate. There is an excellent bike rental system that is available in the city centre and in the parks closer to the outskirts. Many parks also rent out other equipment, such as roller skates and badminton rackets. Free dance classes are offered every evening in Gorky Park, and there are plenty of excellent places to go dancing afterwards. In Moscow, you will never get bored!

Tango dancers in Gorky Park | © Andrey / Flickr

#3 It’s Great for Relaxing

If active holidays are not your thing, don’t despair! Moscow has plenty to offer you as well. On a sunny day, head to Muzeon Arts Park or Groky Park, and enjoy the soft, comfy seats spread around the lawns. When you’ve had enough of that, sit by the banks of the Moscow River and watch the cruise ships pass by.

The river bank in Gorky Park | © Alexander Baranov / WikiCommons

#4 There are Loads of Water Activities

Perhaps not what you first think of when considering Moscow, but it’s a splendid place for water activities. If you feel like rowing, go to the Izmailovo district, and rent a boat. If you’d rather just sit and people watch, go for one of the many cruises departing from the river bank in Gorky Park.

A cruise on the Moscow river | © Medienservice / Pixabay

#5 The People-Watching Capital of Russia

Although some parks in Moscow look more like little forests within the city boundaries, others are very much city parks with cafés, restaurants and plenty of benches. Visitors can spend hours watching life unfold in front of their eyes as the many people pass by in the park.

#6 Even in Bad Weather, There’s Always Something To Do

Bad weather will not ruin your time in Moscow. On a rainy day, go to an art museum, or indulge in some shopping (or window-shopping) in GUM, one of the most beautiful shopping centres there is. Travel back to your childhood at the Central Children’s Store, where you will most certainly have a good time. For sightseeing on less than sunny days, explore the Old Moscow from the protection of the tram route 36.

GUM | © Doomych / WikiCommons

#7 Experience the Wonderful Food

No matter your holiday of choice, you will most certainly need to eat, and Moscow will not disappoint in that department, either. From cute cafés to rooftop restaurants and traditional Russian cuisine to the most exotic dishes, Moscow has something to fit every taste and budget. Bon appetit!

Pelmeni | © Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay