20 Photos That Prove Lake Baikal Is the Most Photogenic Place on Earth

Winter fishing on Lake Baikal | © Ivandan/Shutterstock
Winter fishing on Lake Baikal | © Ivandan/Shutterstock
Russia’s vast and expansive wilderness is a place of rugged beauty, and Lake Baikal is no exception. The splendour and magnitude of the world’s deepest fresh water lake lures travellers off the Trans-Siberian railway and captivates both amateur and professional photographers every season of the year. From late-night sunsets and spring-time colours to frozen shorelines and ice mosaics, Lake Baikal is the most photogenic place on earth – all year round. Here are 20 photos that prove it.
Panorama of Lake Baikal © Sergey Pesterev/WikiCommons
Lake Baikal © Yui / Shutterstock
Frozen Lake Baikal © Simon Matzinger / Flickr
View from the water to the west coast on a quiet summer's evening © Katvic / Shutterstock
Ice at Lake Baikal © 2il org/Flickr
Burkhan rock at Lake Baikal © Shevelev Alexey / Shutterstock
Ice with air bubbles, Lake Baikal ©Serg Zastavkin / Shutterstock
Lake Baikal landscape with an old railway bridge © Nikitin Victor / Shutterstock
Transparent Cce on Lake Baikal near Ogoy island. ©Anton Petrus/Shutterstock
Ice on lake at sunset. ©Andrey Suknev / Shutterstock
Lake Baikal in Autumn © Lexan / Shutterstock
Ice grottos at sunrise. Lake Baikal | ©Tilpunov Mikhail / Shutterstock
Listvyanka, Lake Baikal, Russia © SarahTz / Flickr
The first drops of icicles on a frozen Lake Baikal © Katvic / Shutterstock
Lake Baikal and Dog © Quinn Mattingly / Flickr
Shamanism, Lake Baikal © 8moments / Pixabay
Frozen boat, Lake Baikal © Simon Matzinger | Pixabay
Views of tourist centre and Curkut Bay. ©Windofchange64 / Shutterstock
Lake Baikal © Natalia Kollegova / Pixabay
Icicles, Lake Baikal © Natalia Kollegova / Pixabay