The Best Bars in Timişoara

Colourful cocktails
Colourful cocktails | © Josetxu / Pixabay

Ever found yourself wandering the streets of Timişoara looking for the next watering hole? The next time that happens, we’ve got you covered. From bohemian spaces that look like an inviting living room to beer gardens serving hundreds of brews, here are the best bars in Timişoara to check out during your next visit to the Romanian city.


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Seen by many as one of the best bars in town, Storia is relatively small but its wide terrace does more than enough in welcoming the crowds for long, lively nights. To catch its spirit, make sure to stop by on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, when the venue becomes one of Timişoara‘s hotspots. Serving a wide range of drinks and original cocktails, the bar is at its most entertaining in the summer months, when the weather is mild and the spirits run high.

Cuib d'Arte

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Translating as ‘art nest’ and located right in the city centre, Cuib d’Arte is perfect for long and laid-back evenings animated by good music and drinks. In fact, the combo of the bohemian vibe, well-curated retro music and cheap drinks makes the venue a hotspot for the city’s creatives. Depending on the evening, you may have the chance to join in for an evening of tango or attend a poetry reading by the next cool, upcoming poet.


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Calling itself a ‘coffee & wine bar’, with its extremely long opening hours, D’arc is a cross between a bar and a nightclub. Serving great fruit juices and food by day, and great cocktails until 6am, D’arc is a place you can enjoy any time of the day. But let there be no mistake: this tunnel-like brick walled venue is at its best during the after-hours, when music fills the air and crowds starts moving to the rhythm.


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Bierhaus is one of Timișoara’s oldest bars and an institution of the city’s nightlife. Ask any local, and chances are you won’t find many who haven’t had at least one beer at its dark brown tables. Alongside a well-curated menu of European labels, at Bierhaus you will find the best Romanian beers. The best time to visit is simply when you feel like having a beer and rubbing shoulders with the locals. But most head to Bierhaus on weekends when the air is filled with music and good vibes. As this is a popular venue, you’re advised to book a table ahead of your visit, especially if going out with a group.

The 80's Pub

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In the summer, The 80’s Pub is the equivalent of a green oasis where they serve good beer. Serving more than 100 labels of beer and cider from around the world, this is one of the best places in the city to try something new. As it hosts concerts by local artists on a weekly basis, The 80’s Pub is home to many lively evenings, both on weekdays and at the weekend, so keep an eye on their schedule.
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Zai Social Deck

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The city is famous for its mild weather, but when the summer nights get hot and the air feels heavy, head to Zai Social Deck and enjoy your favourite antidote. The greenery, relaxed vibe and great cocktails are a perfect combo, further boosted by the bar’s location on the shore of River Bega. Regardless of whether you choose to grab a beanbag and relax while doing some people-watching or mingle with the locals, you simply can’t go wrong.

Craft Rooftop

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This is the best place to discover Timişoara, the Romanian city with many monumental buildings, from above. One of the city’s hotspots, Craft Rooftop offers great views over one of the most picturesque parts of Timişoara. Although weekends are always a great time for going out, head to Craft on weekdays, after-hours, when the breeze makes the evenings feel lighter and the vibe is relaxed. Try their cocktails and, as they also serve a great variety of dishes, plan a stopover during lunch or dinnertime.

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