The 10 Best Restaurants In Guimaraes, Portugal

Castelo de Guimaraes | © Stephen Colebourne/Flickr
Castelo de Guimaraes | © Stephen Colebourne/Flickr
Known as the ‘Cradle City’, the northern Portugese city of Guimaraes had an exceptional role in the country’s history. The 12th-century battle of Sao Mamede , which lead to the formation of Portgual, took place there, and it is also the suggested birthplace of Alfonso I, the first internationally recognized Portuguese monarch. The city center is protected by UNESCO World Heritage . The city offers a plethora of cultural activities and is home to many bars and restaurants. We have listed the top ten restaurants in Guimaraes.
Tapas © Elemaki/WikiCommons

Manifestis Probatum

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Featuring a cozy yet undeniably modern décor, the Manifestis Probatum restaurant offers a good selection of traditional Spanish tapas whilst also looking to introduce new interpretations and creations. Serving a varied selection of wines and beers from nearby microbreweries, this restaurant is an excellent choice for visitors wishing to experience a modern approach to tapas.
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Kanpai Sushi

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Sushi | © Mrmcdonnell/WikiCommons
Offering a taste of quality Japanese cuisine, Kanpai Sushi is a pleasant change from the multitude of Spanish tapas restaurants in the city. Whilst the restaurant is offers a wide variety of Sushi items including an impressive selection of vegetarian options, there is also a variety of pasta and seafood based dishes.
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Casa Torta

The Casa Torta is the best place for those visitors looking to taste some gourmet dishes. Offering an extensive menu which focuses on providing contemporary variations of traditional dishes, the Casa Torta takes pride in the creative food and the good service it delivers to its customers. The tantalizing desserts on offer will make your dining experience complete.

Price: Mid range
Opening hours:Mon-Sun 12pm until 2:00pm and 4pm until 10:30pm
Watch out for: specialty veal sandwich
Address:Largo Do Toural 22-24, Sao Paio, Guimaraes | 4810-427, Guimaraes 4810-427, Portugal, +351969371899

Xisco Restaurant

Located in a quaint street just off the central square, near the historic castle, the Xisco Restaurant is in a beautiful location, with an outside seating area flanked by a line of lemon trees. The menu includes a variety of fresh citrus based dishes that are served alongside an assortment of roasted vegetables.

Address: Largo Dos Laranjais, 85 | Oliveira Do Castelo, Guimaraes 4800-414, Portugal,+351 253 419 020

Bar Danubio

Simple yet welcoming, the Bar Danubio creates amazing gourmet burgers. Differing from other burger restaurants, Bar Danubio puts special effort in to creating a variety of innovative and unusual burgers, catering for seafood enthusiasts and lovers of experimental food alike.

Address: Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 15 | Avenida D. Afonso Henriques, 15, Guimaraes 4800, Portugal, +(351)931157398

Castas e Tostas

The Castas e Tostas specializes in creating exquisite tapas, served with regional wines. Opening earlier in the evening than most other restaurants in the central district, this venue is ideal to have an early dinner or to have some snacks and drinks before moving on for the rest of your evening.
Address: Rua Gravador Molarinho 4, Guimaraes, Portugal +351 253299351

Le Babachris

Le Babachris prides itself in bringing French cuisine to Guimaraes’ quaint city center. The restaurant itself features a humble and welcoming décor and serves up richly flavored dishes. Having received a few awards for its excellence, this restaurant provides an alternative to the more common Portuguese and Spanish cuisines. They offer a set menu, so come ready to be surprised.

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Restaurant cor de Tangerina

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Ecologically-grown vegetables
Ecologically-grown vegetables | © Elina Mark/WikiCommons
Noted as one of Guimaraes hidden gastronomical gems, the Restaurant cor de Tangerina offers a variety of sumptuous contemporary dishes. The restaurant, which functions as a cooperative, promotes an philosophy of using fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients chosen specially for their dishes. Here guests can eat in their floral garden which is a dining paradise.
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Baco Restaurant

The Baco Restaurant enjoys a position at the top of most lists of the best restaurants in Guimaraes. They offer a creative array of colorful tapas. Their unique creations range from a special marinated octopus to the more traditional sweet melon and prosciutto.

Address: Av. Alberto Sampaio | “Frente As Muralhas”, Guimaraes 4810, Portugal +(351)253053828

Restaurant Pizzeria Villa Fiori

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Mozzarella Pizza
Mozzarella Pizza | © Yoshihide Nomura/Flickr
Although the Restaurant Pizzeria Villa Fiori is located outside the city center, the welcoming décor and atmosphere of this restaurant manage to lure tourists to its doors. Focusing on the community aspect of enjoying food together, this restaurant serves Italian specialties.
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