8 Photographers from the Algarve You Should Know

The Algarve provides the perfect romantic setting | © Matt and Lena Photography
The Algarve provides the perfect romantic setting | © Matt and Lena Photography
Photo of Nina Santos
24 August 2017

Snapping a lovely photo in the Algarve isn’t hard, since the region is the very definition of picture perfect, but some images leave our jaws down at our knees. It’s easy to see why photographers from far and wide flock to this beautiful part of Portugal to set up shop. In fact, the natural beauty and laid-back personality of the Algarve serve as inspiration for many types of artists. For great photos in Portugal’s southern paradise, take a peek at the following photographers. They don’t all capture land and seascapes, but their work will still make you want to jump on the next plane and head to the region.

Dave Sheldrake

Dave Sheldrake is half of an artistic duo with his wife Alyson. Snapping images since he was 11 years old, and primarily self-taught, Dave moved to Portugal from the UK where he worked as a member of the police force; it was during his time in the force that he began working on improving his photography skills. He made the switch to photography in 2008 and has moved full-steam ahead. His work ranges from seascapes to portraits.

Algarve coast | © Dave Sheldrake Photography

Pedro Queiroga

Architectural photography has a special way of routing our interest towards specific hotels, homes, and businesses, and Pedro Queiroga is a Portuguese photographer whose skills are making heads turn towards the Algarve. From interior photography to photos taken specifically for real estate purposes, as well as capturing events, his skills have no bounds.

Louisa Ferreira

For portraits that are set against some beautiful Algarve backdrops, Louisa Ferreira is a fantastic choice, based in Carvoeiro. As someone who enjoys capturing emotions and special moments, she also loves working with wedding groups and at other special events. Get an idea of her work by visiting her website or her Instagram page.

Photography in the Algarve | © Louisa Ferreira Photography

Zenaida Lima

Zenaida Lima is another interior photographer based in the Algarve whose photos will make wanderlusters want to pack up and move to Portugal as soon as possible. Lisbon-born, Zenaida followed the sea and sun to the Algarve, where she enjoys living and working. She offers tips and thoughts on her blog.

Real Estate photography | © Zenaida Lima Photography

Matt and Lena Photography

Matt and Lena came together from the UK and Canada respectively and created harmony with Matt and Lena Photography. Primarily focused on wedding and lifestyle shoots, their brand is about happiness, fun, adventure and light. Their favourite spots to shoot are around the west coast of the Algarve, where rugged cliffs make up part of the jaw-dropping landscape and create another level of ambiance and romance.

Unique wedding photography | © Matt and Lena Photography

Charlotte Jane

Charlotte Jane’s wedding and family photography are personal, natural and beautiful. Living in Lagos, she moved to the hustle, bustle, and sun of the Algarve eight years ago from northeast England. She is a self-taught photographer who once spent time on the other side of the lens as a model, but eventually fell in love with photography. She loves to make people feel something when they see her work. Whether you’re expanding your family to two or more, Charlotte (or Charlie, as she is also known) wants to capture those special moments, and sure does a lovely job.

Wedding photography in the Algarve | © Charlotte Jane Photography

Garrett Walsh

Originally hailing from Ireland, Garrett seems to be a jack of all trades, and has mastered each technique with inspiration from southern Portugal. His work ranges from wedding photos to landscapes to architecture, and interiors and even stock photos. Sneak a peak (or take a longer look) at his seascapes, which truly capture the Algarve’s spirit, or peruse his other styles. Of course, wedding photography is one of the most popular styles in this romantic region, and Garrett Walsh has made a name for himself in that genre.

Zoe Campbell

Zoe, along with her husband Paul, are the creative minds behind Phaze Photography. They came to Lagos, Portugal, from the UK. The move wasn’t her only change, either; Zoe’s style went from photographing music and other social events to a more personal style focussing on portraits and weddings. Visit their website to see a wide range of work, or hop on Instagram and follow her there.

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