The 10 Best Restaurants In Wrocław's Old Town

Wrocław Old Town Square | (c) Northern Irishman in Poland
Wrocław Old Town Square | (c) Northern Irishman in Poland
Photo of Jonny Blair
14 November 2017

Wrocław’s Old Town is an architectural masterpiece and its picturesque square ranks among the prettiest Old Town Squares in Poland. Coupled with the city’s famous Ostrów Tumski quarter, Wrocław continues to thrive as one of the most interesting and popular historic cities in Poland. It owes its unique and romantic atmosphere to the colourful tenement houses, located alongside the Oder river, and the charming bridges that lead to tiny islands. Charming architecture isn’t the only thing Wrocław has going for it; its food scene is memorable as well. Here are 10 unique and authentic dining experiences in Wrocław’s Old Town.

Ostrów Tumski, Wrocław | © Daruu/WikiCommons

Lwia Brama

Restaurant, Polish, $$$

This restaurant is located in the heart of Wrocław’s oldest quarter, Ostrów Tumski, in the cellar of a Renaissance building that used to be the residence of the Catholic canon of the Świętokrzyskie Chapter. The interior consists of stone arches and exposed brick walls, while the exterior is complete with an outdoor patio area. Lwia Brama offers a unique range of dishes that combine classic Polish cuisine with Mediterranean fare. Try the beef carpaccio, duck pierogi, seafood soup or Italian pasta with boletus mushrooms.

Restauracja Królewska

Restaurant, Polish, $$$
Wrocław’s Old Town market square
Wrocław’s Old Town market square | © Andrzej Otrębski/WikiCommons

The Królewska Restaurant is part of the Dwór Polski hotel and is located in the Old Town market square, which, together with its charming fountain, can be admired through the restaurant’s windows. Live piano music enhances the romantic atmosphere as visitors sip red wine and enjoy mushroom soup with special dumplings, royal duck with cherry sauce or local Śląsk (Silesian region) dumplings and red cabbage.

Klub PRL

Bar, Polish, Pub Grub, $$$
Klub PRL Wrocław
Klub PRL Wrocław | © Northern Irishman in Poland

Sometimes dining out in Poland is all about the experience and the venue rather than just the food. With that in mind, head to the wonderful PRL. As you might have guessed by its name, this pub is a throwback to when the country was known as Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa during the Communist times. As such, expect the interior decor to feature busts of Lenin, old propaganda posters, gramophones and reminders of days gone by. On the menu, expect good prices (for a restaurant in the Old Town Square) and lots of good Polish cuisine including pierogi, bigos and zurek. By night it transforms into a great vodka, cocktail and beer hangout. It is such a popular place that it has also been featured in the Best PRL Pubs in Poland list.

Piwnica Świdnicka

Restaurant, Polish, $$$
Piwnica Świdnicka | Klearchos Kapoutsis
Piwnica Świdnicka is situated next to the Town Hall on Wrocław’s market square and has been cited in some documents as the oldest restaurant in Europe! The restaurant is decorated with unique tapestries, candles and paintings. The menu offers some of Poland’s most renowned dishes, such as herring in apple and onion sauce, and smoked ewe’s milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains.

Piwnica Świdnicka | © Klearchos Kapoutsis/WikiCommons

Karczma Młyńska

Restaurant, Polish, $$$

This restaurant is a part of the Tumski hotel and is located on one of the islands in the middle of Wrocław’s oldest quarter, Ostrów Tumski. Karczma Młyńska serves both regional and historical Polish dishes, such as pork chops with mushroom sauce or pierogi, the Polish dumpling. During spring and summer, you can choose to sit outside on the restaurant’s terrace and admire the waters of the Oder river and the elegant Ostrów Tumski quarter.

Karczma Lwowska

Restaurant, Polish, $$$

This charming and historical inn is situated in the center of the Old Town market square. The interior design is meant to evoke the memory of the city of Lviv (now part of Ukraine) that belonged to Poland from the beginning of its existence until the 18th century. Filled with old wooden furniture, engravings and photographs, Karczma Lwowska will make you feel as though you have traveled back in time. The menu consists of dishes such as bread soup with white sausage and croutons, pork knuckle golonka with cabbage and peas, and gołąbki (traditional cabbage parcels with beef and rice) served with a tomato sauce. The place also offers a special Lviv beer, prepared according to the original historical recipe from across the eastern border.

Barka Tumska

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
The Tumski hotel and Barka Tumska
The Tumski hotel and Barka Tumska | © Sławomir Milejski/WikiCommons
Barka Tumska (Mill Tavern) also belongs to the Tumski hotel group and, as its Polish name suggests, is located on a barge floating on the Oder river. On the top floor of the barge, there is a summer terrace with the atmosphere of a casual and relaxed tavern. The menu, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, comprises rolls of eggplant and zucchini with walnut paste, millet, corn salad, and pomegranate, as well as duck breast with red cabbage puree, cranberry mousse and grilled potato.

Pod Fredrą

Restaurant, Polish, European, $$$
Pod Fredrą, located at the entrance to the town hall, owes its name to Aleksander Fredro – a Polish poet and comic playwright of the Romantic period. The restaurant, with rustic interior and live music, is a cozy place to dine. The menu offers a variety of traditional Polish plates, such as grilled smoke-house sausage and pork shoulder steak with fried onions.


Restaurant, Polish, $$$

Located at the Agora Culture Centre, this restaurant offers a combination of elegance, tradition and modern aesthetics, reflected in the interior design of the rooms and the menu alike. The Agora restaurant serves roasted tarts of various types, grilled main courses and a different house cake every day. You can also taste a delicious traditional Polish soup called rosół: chicken broth with thick noodles.


Restaurant, Greek, $$$
Wrocław’s Old Town market square
Wrocław’s Old Town market square | © Julo/WikiCommons
Akropolis specialises in Greek cuisine, particularly various types of feta cheese dishes (e.g. roasted feta cheese with spinach or feta cheese in chopped tomatoes with herbs and red onions), as well as seafood side dishes, such as sole fish baked in prawn sauce or fried calamari in lemon sauce. It is located on the Old Town market square, which means it is also a great spot to watch the market’s goings on.

Wrocław’s Old Town market square | © Julo/WikiCommons

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