7 Reasons to Visit the Holy City of Częstochowa, Poland

Częstochowa | © Marcin Twardowski / Flickr

Częstochowa is a city in the south of Poland, specifically the Śląsk region (Silesia), with a religious and important history. The city is known for its famous St Paul’s Monastery of Jasna Góra, which houses the Black Madonna painting, a shrine to the Virgin Mary. Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to Częstochowa to pay homage to the shrine and enjoy the peace that this holy city provides. It isn’t just Catholic history here though, this city also was home to the Frankism Jewish movement during the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. It’s a very under-rated city and well worth a visit. Here are seven reasons why:


Escape the tourist day-trips from Kraków

Most tourists base themselves in Kraków for three reasons: First, to see Kraków itself. Second, for a sombre trip to the Auschwitz Nazi German Death Camp. Third to tour Wieliczka Salt Mine. But one easy day-trip from Kraków, which is often neglected, is to Częstochowa. The city is well connected to other cities in Poland by rail and bus and is a great excuse to escape the droves of visitors in Kraków. With only locals and those on pilgrimage on the streets, you will have the freedom to tour the city at your leisure without the masses.


Lounge in cool bars

Polish cities have never been bereft of decent bars and pubs. Here in Częstochowa are some of the coolest bars in southern Poland. The Ministerstwo Śledź I Wodki (Ministry of Herring and Vodka) serves beer on tap for a mere 4 złotych (Polish currency). This pub is just off the main street, The Holy Virgin Mary Avenue (Aleja Najświętszej Maryi Panny), and many other quirky and trendy bars are hidden within the streets and back alleys, including Flash Pub, Mike’s Irish Pub and the Multi-tap Piwiarnia. Despite it being a holy city, opening hours are favourable to the connoisseur, but please remember the church is the mainstay of this city, so noise should be kept to a minimum and don’t drink on the streets.

Śląska 7, 42-217 Częstochowa, Poland
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The cheaper alternative

Tourists flocking to Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań and Kraków will note the cheap prices in those cities compared to other European cities, such as Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Munich and Basel. But Częstochowa goes one step further and manages to be even cheaper! Your Polish złoty goes that little bit further here for hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and even for museums. The city is also served by the ever popular Polskibus service.

Polish złotych

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