The World's First Energy-Positive Hotel is Coming to Norway

This futuristic, ring-shaped, carbon-neutral hotel in Norway will provide stunning views of Arctic glaciers and the Northern Lights
This futuristic, ring-shaped, carbon-neutral hotel in Norway will provide stunning views of Arctic glaciers and the Northern Lights | © Snøhetta Plompmozes Miris
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Social Editor13 November 2020

A futuristic hotel that combines ecofriendly concepts with a design allowing guests 360-degree views of Arctic Norway is set to open in 2022. Svart promises to reinvent the guest experience and even offer a new way of enjoying the Northern Lights.

Inspired by a Norwegian Fiskehjell – a wooden structure used to dry fish – the 99-room property is being built in the Meløy, a municipality in Arctic Norway. The unique architecture isn’t the only thing that sets Svart apart from other new hotels; there’s also a focus on energy efficiency. Svart will consume 85% less energy than more traditional hotels, an important consideration given that the entire project is located on the Holandsfjorden fjord, next to the Svartisen glacier.

The aesthetic will also make the most of the local natural resources. with wood playing a big part in the foundations of the building. This will allow the exterior to blend into the environment around it and reduce the impact on the fjord. The interiors will also have a Nordic cool vibe, thanks to Danish studio Space Copenhagen, which means plenty of hygge touches throughout.

Svart will make use of local resources for its construction | © Snøhetta Plompmozes Miris

The aim of reducing energy consumption is a noble one, but not unique. Many businesses are looking to do the same, but Svart is going one step further. The hotel will be energy-positive, which means it will produce more energy than it uses. By being fully sustainable in this way, it will be off-grid and carbon-neutral – and will produce zero waste.

The science behind this involves architects and environmentalists working together to map solar radiation patterns in the region to optimise energy output throughout the year. The result has shaped everything from the hotel rooms to the restaurants and spa terraces in the final design. The roof will be clad in Norwegian solar panels, ensuring that a reduced carbon footprint will be achieved even before the hotel is open.

Svart will use solar panels to become an energy-positive hotel | © Snøhetta Plompmozes Miris

If you’re think the technology-intensive design will reduce the comfort factor, then think again. There will be four restaurants, each offering very different dining experiences. A 1,000sqm (10,750sqft) spa will offer local treatments and therapies to ensure a truly relaxing stay. The spa and restaurants will also be open to locals for day visits, a welcome trend that allows all sorts of people to experience ultimate luxury.

Part of the appeal of a holiday in Norway for visitors from abroad is a chance to experience the spectacular outdoor scenery. The wooden terraces allow for incredible views from every room of the hotel, with year-round activities making the most of the glacier. Yoga practitioners can bend and flex under the midnight sun, while others can take a spin on the two electric boats the hotel has on offer. You can even enjoy diving, fishing and foraging in the wild, with guided experiences also on hand for those looking for a more casual stay.

Svart’s wooden terraces will provide stunning views from every room | © Snøhetta Plompmozes Miris

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