The Best Restaurants In Central Oslo

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Exploring Central Oslo, the heart of the Norwegian capital, is often the best way to discover the metropolitan side of this city. This part of Oslo houses some superb restaurants: here’s our guide to some of the best.

1. Gamle Raadhus Restaurant

Restaurant, Northern European

Gamle Raadhus Restaurant prides itself on being one of the most historic restaurants in the city. The restaurant is conveniently located close to the Akershus Fortress, a renowned tourist destination in Oslo. The signature dishes are Norwegian inspires, with choices such as lutefisk, cod and fish dishes. The backyard is open in summer, so you can get closer to the city while you enjoy your meal.

2. Solsiden Restaurant

Restaurant, Seafood

Dyna Fyr
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Solsiden is a popular seafood restaurant in central Oslo. This restaurant offers a great view of Oslo Fjords and the skyline of the city. Here they only serve you meals that are made from the best ingredients, and a great variety of fish. Plateau des Fruits de Mer, which includes oysters, crabs, mussels, crayfish, lobsters and king crabs, is a must try dish.

3. Grilleriet

Bar, Restaurant, Bistro, Northern European

Grilleriet is dedicated to bringing you the best grilled food in town, and many of the dishes served are prepared using a charcoal grill. What’s more exciting is that there is an open kitchen in the heart of the restaurant. Seasonal Nordic ingredients, together with exotic spices, are used to enhance the taste of the grilled food.

4. Festningen Restaurant

Brasserie, Restaurant, French

Situated right at Akershus Fortress, the landmark of the city, Festningen Restaurant is ready to impress you with its fascinating and traditional cuisine. This elegant and comfortable French brasserie has a great view of the City Hall and Aker Brygge. This restaurant has numerous dining options for their guests, including an a la carte menu and a four course set menu. Seasonal ingredients and unique culinary skills are the formula of success in this exceptional restaurant.

5. Scala Restaurant

Bar, Restaurant, Beer, Cocktails

Scala Restaurant is probably the best place to view Oslo’s harbor and the nearby historic buildings. Situated on the second floor of the Thon Hotel Opera, this restaurant has a great view of The Opera House. This chic restaurant serves primarily western cuisine, with some dishes prepared using local ingredients. The tapas buffet is one of the most popular options for guests in this restaurant.

6. Restaurant Fjord

Restaurant, Seafood, Contemporary

Fiordo de Oslo
© Almusaiti/Flickr
Situated in the heart of the Norwegian capital, Restaurant Fjord brings you a luxurious and exquisite dining experience. The furnishing follows that of traditional Norwegian castles which use candle lights and roses as decorations. This elegant restaurant is an expert in all fish dishes.

7. Kaffistova

Cafe, Restaurant, Tea , European

Located on the first floor of Bondeheimen Hotel, Kaffistova is the best place to have an elegant high tea at a reasonable price. This cafe is decorated with gold and wooden furniture, giving it an elegant Nordic vibe. It prides itself on serving the most authentic and traditional handmade Norwegian dishes.

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