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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants In Oslo, Norway

The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants In Oslo, Norway

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Updated: 9 February 2017
As the capital city of Norway, Oslo has a rich historic landscape that showcases a variety of art, Viking ships, literature, world history and cuisine. Set against the backdrop of a Scandinavian fjord, this city also offers up breathtaking views and – of course – access to some outstanding seafood restaurants. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Ruffino Ristorante Italiano

Completely and authentically Italian, this restaurant is not what a visitor might expect in the capital of Norway. However, the extensive seafood menu that promotes a multi-course dining experience sets Ruffino up as one of the most delectable restaurants in the city. Located in the city’s center, near the royal palace, Ruffino provides a delightful and comfortable atmosphere for enjoying anything from fresh sea-bass filled with scallops, prawns, and cherry tomatoes to home-made mezzelune pasta stuffed with cod. It’s definitely a great place to enjoy not only tasty food, but a spectacular wine list containing many wines imported straight from Italy.

Address: Ruffino Ristorante Italiano, Arbins Gate 1, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 55 32 80

Fjord Restaurant

Featuring a dark interior design that recalls the many blue hues of the sea, Fjord Restaurant is the perfect place to indulge the appetite with a five-course seafood extravaganza. Creative and talented chefs cook up everything from mussels and squid to halibut, cod, and whale, displaying each course in an appealing and exceptionally artistic manner. The menu here changes on a seasonal basis, so be prepared to explore something new with every visit. In any case, the ingredients used are fresh and will satisfy any seafood-lover’s appetite.

Address: Fjord Restaurant, Kristian Augustus Gate 11, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 98 21 50

Lofotsua Restaurant

An excellent venue to experience great Norwegian cuisine, the fish served at Lofotsua changes on a seasonal basis. While the options are all relatively simple, it’s precisely this stripped-down approach to flavor that delights. Showcasing an expansive menu of fish options to choose from, Lofotsua has some of the best Norwegian dishes going, including cod, whale, grenadier, and a native Norwegian fish that are bound to be new to the American or English palate. Satiate the desire to partake in Norwegian cuisine and visit this excellent seafood restaurant.

Address: Lofotsua Restaurant, Kirkeveien 40, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 46 93 96

Solsiden Restaurant

Want a great view of Oslo’s harbor and fjord coupled with a phenomenal dinner? Solsiden offers a spectacular view that sets it aside from many of the other restaurants in the city. Owner Lars Jon Amundsen is the masterful guiding hand here, offering a spread of seafood choices including the specialty “Pateau des Fruits de Mer,” which includes everything from oysters, clams, crabs, and mussels to crayfish, king crab, shrimp, and lobster. So, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and wines from a list of over 250, and let the culture of Solsiden sink in.

Address: Solsiden Restaurant, Akershusstranda 13, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 33 36 30

Dyna Fyr

Housed in an 1874 historic lighthouse is Oslo’s exotic Dyna Fyr restaurant, which serves a variety of seafood in one of the best locations possible. The lighthouse has a long history that the menu exhibits, as it is split into three parts that refer to the three different lighthouses the Dyna Fyr keeper was once in charge of. With a menu that changes to reflect the seasons and what is currently available at the market, this restaurant also offers some of the freshest food in town.

Address: Dyna Fyr, Beddingen 6, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 43 60 12


Letting guests experience the diversity of Norwegian and worldly seafood, VulkanFisk has a menu packed with both cooked seafood and sushi recipes to fill any empty stomach with satisfaction. Each day, the restaurant flies in fish directly from fishermen to offer guests the best catch of the day. Customers can hand pick their fish and watch with a relaxing drink while it’s cooked. It’s a casual setting for a plethora of flavors and options, including some fantastically mouth-watering fish and chips.

Address: VulkanFisk, Maridalsveien 17, Oslo, Norway, +47 21 39 69 58

Engebret Cafe

Set in a building from the 1700s is Oslo’s oldest restaurant. Engebret Café is over 150 years old and features both outdoor and indoor dining. This restaurant features a variety of seasonal fish on its menu too, making use of only the freshest ingredients for hungry visitors. Pair a meal with one of the many wines from around the world, or try one of the beers from some of Norway’s own breweries. In short, Engebret Café is definitely a must-visit restaurant for some fantastic seafood mixed with an unforgettable cultural atmosphere.

Address: Engebret Café, Bankplassen 1, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 82 25 25

Ophelia Bar and Club

Hip and modern, Ophelia’s is not just a place to come for a drink with friends after a day of work. The menu, while offering a great variety of burgers and other foods, serves a savory salad with tuna fish as well as classic fish and chips that goes fantastically with a beer or a mixed drink. After enjoying the fresh ingredients of this restaurant come bar, have some fun breaking out the moves on the dance floor, mingling with the resident crowd of locals and international folk that frequent its tables.

Address: Ophelia Bar & Club, Holbergs Gate 19, Oslo, Norway, +47 940 03 800

Brasserie Hansken

Swish, stylish and classic all at the same time, Brasserie Hansken is a restaurant with some spectacular seafood options. Bringing in fresh squid, fish, lobster, or whatever’s freshest that season, this one’s creative and innovative dishes make Brasserie Hansken a brilliant place to visit for a delightful dinner. Choose a meal from the traditional a la carte or explore the seasonal menu and see why Brasserie Hansken is a true top-pick restaurant in Oslo.

Address: Brasserie Hansken, Akersgata 2, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 42 60 88

Entree | Courtesy of Lofoten
Entree | Courtesy of Lofoten


Located right on Oslo’s harbor and the well-known Aker Brygge, Lofoten is an international and friendly restaurant that presents a variety of flavorful seafood dishes. Changing the menu on a seasonal schedule, this restaurant takes the tastes of the sea and crafts creative, delightful dishes that showcase the fine and refined side of marine cuisine. Either enjoy the harbor from an outside seating parlor, or visit the inside, where Lofoten serves only the freshest ingredients to patrons right throughout the year.

Address: Lofotsen Fiskerestaurant, Stranden 75, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 83 08 08