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The 10 Best Restaurants in Oslo's Kvadraturen
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The 10 Best Restaurants in Oslo's Kvadraturen

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Updated: 9 February 2017
In Oslo’s vibrant downtown district, Kvadraturen, visitors will never be at a loss for entertainment. The area is pedestrian-friendly and full of surprises, historical landmarks and museums just to mention a few of its pulls. On top of all this, the area is brimming over with some of the most fantastic restaurants in the city.
Cakes at Pascal
Cakes at Pascal | © Anne-Sophie/Flickr

Pascal Tollbugata

Based on the sweet and delectable flavors of a French patisserie, Pascal Tollbugata is an affordable yet comfortable restaurant. The menu offers select dishes that are lightly filling, including a variety of delicate salads that delight the senses as well as the stomach. It’s a favorite place for the most mouth-watering cakes in all of Norway, and visitors will notice that the royal guards have made this little restaurant a regular! With a cheerful atmosphere and amazing cakes, Pascal is a good place to stop for lunch or an afternoon dessert.

Pascal Tollbugata, Henrik Ibsen’s Gate 36, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 55 00 20

Outside Gamle Raadhus | © Anne-Sophie/Flickr
Outside Gamle Raadhus | © Anne-Sophie/Flickr
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Gamle Raadhus

Housed in the first town hall building, which was constructed in 1641, this is a restaurant with a foothold in Oslo history. The building was used not just as a community gathering place, but also as a prison and a venue where weddings took place. Now Gamle Raadhus is a vibrant restaurant showcasing a menu that offers tasty Norwegian classics, including Lutefisk. The quaint setting will really help guests to this restaurant feel at home, while each dish is prepared to look as delectable as it tastes!

Gamle Raadhus, Nedre Slottsgate 1, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 42 01 07

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Nilsen Spiseri

In a cozy and lightly decorated venue, try the authentic Norwegian cuisine of Nilsen Spiseri. This restaurant is open all day long, so whether one is searching for a delightful breakfast to start the day, a hearty lunch to keep on trucking, or a relaxing dinner with friends and family, Nilsen has something to offer. There are several main dishes featuring fish and potatoes, which are of course favorites in this Nordic capital. Visitors can even satisfy a sweet tooth by sampling the restaurant’s traditional Norwegian waffle, a wafer that is flavored to the T.

Nilsen Spiseri, Tollbugata 8A, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 41 27 20

Pakistani food
Pakistani food | © paulo_i_sverige/Flickr
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It’s a cultural exploration at Mehfel, a pleasant and family friendly Pakistani restaurant. The restaurant has a comfortable setting with food from the Punjab province of Pakistan. Layers of delicious and well-combined spices wrap the nose in warm and inviting aromas. The menu is quite extensive, including not just seafood, but a list of homemade soups, so there are plenty of options to explore, as well as something to please everyone. Besides fantastic food, there is a variety of events that take place at the restaurant, which makes Mehfel a vibrant place to enjoy live music and even a murder mystery dinner on occasion.

Mehfel, Kirkegata 15, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 42 37 77

Caribbean food
Caribbean food | © eyeliam/Flickr
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Caribe Restaurant & Bar

Taste the Caribbean as if really visiting the archipelagos of the tropics at Caribe, where visitors get all the flavors of delightful dishes such as plantains, cassava, chivo guisado and carne guisado. The food comes in large portions that ensure everyone goes home full and happy. Enjoy a chic and small atmosphere that invites a fun and truly community experience. Visitors won’t miss out on their favorite football games here either, because Caribe is sure to stream sports live on the TVs located about the restaurant.

Caribe Restaurant and Bar, Radhusgata 6, Oslo, Norway, +47 40 32 32 00

Christiania Torv
Christiania Torv | © Dion Hinchcliffe/Flickr
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Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller

Step down into this luxurious and modern bistro for an truly exceptional dining experience. Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller specializes in ten course meals, where each week the chefs change the menu granting guests a new culinary adventure every time they visit. On top of excellent food, this restaurant is located in a historic building that was originally built for the Master of the Mint in 1623. After transferring hands over the years, the restaurant was opened in 1994 and is a winner of the Michelin Guide Star no less!

Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller, Radhusgate 11, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 41 88 00

Posthallen Restaurant
Posthallen Restaurant | © Oyvind Solstad/Flickr
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Posthallen Restaurant

Take a step into the former main post office and past the inspiring church doors to the relaxing environment that is Posthallen Restaurant. The menu here is focused on serving tantalizing dishes from Norway, and in the comfortable setting of this historic building, there is little to be missed. Try a diverse assortment of light dishes, or engage in a three course dinner that includes a soup, a main dish and dessert. Just sit back with a glass of wine in the warm and inviting realm of this restaurant and enjoy the local flavors!

Posthallen Restaurant, Prinsens Gate 8, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 42 82 00

A carefully crafted course at Maaemo
A carefully crafted course at Maaemo | ©Jan Mark Holzer/Flickr
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Highlighting the relationship between raw nature, natural produce and cultural history, Maaemo is a complete experience of inspiration and creativity. The food here is entirely styled after the seasons of nature, and the chefs spend quality time getting to know the farmers and producers of the materials used to create the tasty meals on the menu. Dining at this restaurant is about enjoyment, and notably the restaurant encourages visitors to take the entire night to stew in the amazing tastes and flavors going. With only eight tables it’s a good idea to book ahead!

Maaemo, Schweigaardsgate 15b, Oslo, Norway, +47 91 99 48 05

Bank Square outside Engebret
Bank Square outside Engebret | © george rex/Flickr
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Engebret Cafe

Oslo’s oldest restaurant is a low corner building from the 1700s and a hub for delicious seafood. Since it resided across the street from the Christiania Theater, the restaurant has hosted many actors, actresses and well-known folk of society within its doors. The menu at Engebret is always changing with the seasons of Norway, and the food is a true reflection of Norwegian cuisine. Whether enjoying fresh game, daily caught fish, or melt-in-the-mouth mushrooms, the cozy and inviting atmosphere of this historic landmark is a great way to spend an evening downtown.

Engebret Cafe, Bankplassen 1, Oslo, Norway, +47 22 82 25 25

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The grill is the heart of this restaurant. At Grilleriet, almost everything is cooked on a special indoor charcoal grill. The dishes here are a blend of contemporary and creative innovations on classic favorites. The menus rotate on a seasonal basis, and the produce employed is fresh in a way that combines deliciously in each dish. Chill at the bar in the middle of the restaurant or observe the chefs as they prepare artistic entrées for guests, all the while wallowing in some serious great barbecue flavours..

Grilleriet, Folkepassasjen, Storgata 21-23, Oslo, Norway,+47 22 83 56 00