The 10 Best Bars In Central Oslo

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9 February 2017

The Norwegian capital of Oslo is known for its high living standards and relaxing working environment. As a tourist there are plenty of destinations for you to explore and enjoy. After a whole day of sightseeing, why not treat yourself a drink. Here we help you explore some of the best bars in Central Oslo.


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Fuglen is a haven for retro lovers | Courtesy of Fuglen
Fuglen is a haven for retro lovers | © Fuglen
Fuglen is a bar which uses nostalgic decorations to create a vintage vibe for all their guests. Fuglen, which literally means ‘the bird’ in English, is more than just a bar, it is also a fantastic venue for premium coffee and creative cocktails. The products used in the bar are also for sale so if you really like a decoration here, you can always buy and keep it.

Sky Bar

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34 Sky Bar is probably one of the best places to view the Norwegian capital. The bar is situated on the top of Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel, and the large windows allow you to look at the city and Oslo Fjord from a whole new angle. Dark furniture and dim lights create an intimate ambience while you are appreciating the amazing view of Oslo. Cocktails and wines are served in this elegant bar.


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Internasjonalen | © Enrico Razzetti/Flickr
Internasjonalen was opened in 2003 and has become one of the best spots for drinking in town. The bar uses Eastern European functionalist style as the main theme of decoration, which pays tribute to the long tradition of working class culture. This bar serves a wide variety of snacks, wines, rare spirits and cocktails. Live music performances are available from time to time. There is also a specially chosen playlist which will keep you entertained the entire evening.

Store Stå Pub

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Store Stå Pub is a very popular neighborhood pub in Oslo Central, right beside the famous Bislett Stadium. This sports bar was founded in 1993 and has been the hub for sports enthusiasts in the region. Here sports matches are shown on big screen. Apart from grabbing a drink, you can also order authentic Italian pizza and Turkish kebab to keep yourself energized all night long.

Herr Nilsen

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Herr Nilsen
Herr Nilsen | © Jørgen Schyberg/Flickr
If you are looking for a place with live music and various theatrical performances, Herr Nilsen may be a great option for you. This bar is well decorated, with wooden furniture and portraits of different artists. Imaginative and traditional cocktails are available in this bar. Live music is a trademark of this bar, most notably the live jazz.

Etoile Bar

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Oslo | © Alexandro Grussu/Flickr
Rooftop bars are always a great option for a relaxing drink. Situated on the eighth floor of the Grand Hotel, you can enjoy a scenic view of Karl Johans Gate and the skyline of the Norwegian capital in Etoile Bar. It is a lounge in the afternoon, and serves light lunches. In the evening it turns into a vibrant and energetic bar with a great variety of cocktails mixed by experienced mixologists. If the weather is nice, the roof terrace will be open.

Last Train

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Music performance in Last Train
Music performance in Last Train | © Markus Thorsen/Flickr
Last Train is the oldest rock bar in Oslo, and was opened in 1984. The owners of Last Train describe their formula of success as ‘just a no-nonsense-no-concept ‘concept’, combined with an uncompromising love for quality music’. This is absolutely true, as the bar offers some of the most intriguing music performances in town. International and local music talent are invited to perform on the stage every week. From punk to rock, and from metal to pop, there something for everyone.


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If you are looking for a new drinking experience, you may consider Izakaya , which literally means an ‘alcohol house’, and is a Japanese pub. The bar is dedicated to bring you the most authentic Japanese drinking experience, as izakaya culture has been popular in Japan for years. The decoration and furnishings stay true to the Japanese izakaya. Japanese wines, beers, spirits and sake are also served here.

Brooms & Hatches

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Brooms & Hatches

If you are looking for an authentic Norwegian way of drinking and enjoying a night out, then why not visit Brooms & Hatches. This bar prides itself on bringing the strongest Norwegian identity and culture to their guests. The bar is modern and classy, with a fantastic atmosphere. Local craftsmanship is flawlessly showcased in the local beers and Nordic gastro-pub cuisine. There are also various types of cocktails and spirits for you to choose from.
Kongens Gate 5, 0153 Oslo, +47 23 10 72 00

Tosca Bar

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Oslo Harbor
Oslo Harbor | © Jonathan/Flickr
Situated on the ground floor of the Thon Hotel Opera, Tosca Bar is a popular option for light refreshments and drinks. Exquisite bar tables, together with colourful and comfortable chairs, create a playful atmosphere for guests. Small dishes and light snacks are also offered in the bar, and many of the dishes are specially designed for complementing your glass of wine or cocktail. Cocktails are prepared by the experienced mixologists, and you can create your own cocktail as well.