Get Your Caffeine Fix at Trondheim's Best Cafés and Coffee Shops

Trondheims excellent coffee scene means youll be spoilt for choice anywhere in the city
Trondheim's excellent coffee scene means you'll be spoilt for choice anywhere in the city | © Jon Arnold Images Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo
Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy your morning, mid-afternoon, pre-dinner or evening coffee in Trondheim, prepare to be spoilt for choice. A trip to the city isn’t complete without visiting one, or several, of the many coffee bars and cafés that are on offer.

Norway is one of the world leaders in per-capita coffee consumption, and it’s deeply embedded in the culture. There are several notable coffee roasters and cafés that keep Trondheim’s caffeine levels topped up every day. The drink of choice for Norwegians is usually filter coffee, but since hip coffee bars started opening their doors, a new coffee culture has evolved, offering a variety of new drinks. Whether it’s a quick fix or a sit-down with a hot drink and a cinnamon bun you’re looking for, there are many options to suit every need.

1. Godt Brød

Bakery, Pastries

One of the city’s most popular bakeries is Godt Brød, which means Good Bread. The bakery opened its doors in Bergen in 1995, and customers were immediately impressed by the staff’s knowledge and expertise. Since day one, Godt Brød has prided itself on baking without preservatives. Due to its popularity, the bakery now has three branches in Trondheim: Solsiden, Thomas Angells gate and Dronningens gate. All three locations are in the city centre, and easily accessible wherever you are. There, you can enjoy freshly baked bread and buns, and drink delicious coffee from all over the world. Godt Brød opens at 6.30am, so if you’re an early bird, this is where you’ll want to start your day.

2. Dromedar Kaffebar

Coffee Shop, Coffee

Dromedar has been one of the most popular chains in the country since 1997, and was the first modern coffee bar to take residence in Trondheim. Dromedar boasts award-winning baristas who are trained how to make really excellent, perfectly brewed coffee. With locations in Bakklandet, Bakke Bru, Søndre gate and Nordre gate, it’s the perfect place to relax with a magazine and soak up the cosy atmosphere. Dromedar has been crowned “coffee bar of the year” many times over for its extensive selection of coffees and baked goods. Try the sweet chilli coffee while walking around Trondheim’s cobbled streets.

3. Mormors Stue

Cafe, Coffee, Pastries, Snacks

Courtesy of Mormors

One of the most atmospheric cafés in town is Mormors Stue. The café opened in 1994, but the building itself has been standing since 1840, and has been used as an antique shop, a stable and blacksmiths, meaning that walking through the café’s doors almost feels like stepping back in time. Mormors Stue has been designed to make guests feel like they’re visiting their grandparents’ house – think old furniture, curtains, frilly doilies and creaky floorboards. It serves up homemade bakes, snacks and delicious coffee.

4. Café Ni Muser

Cafe, French, Snacks, Coffee

Café Ni Muser, or Café Nine Muses, is a favourite amongst students and artists, and is located right next door to the Trondheim Art Museum (Kunstmuseum). Staff want guests to feel at home here, so the space has a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The café boasts a large outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a drink on a nice sunny day. With a focus on fresh ingredients, the café has a great selection of sandwiches and pastries, and an extensive wine, beer and coffee menu. According to manager and head chef Geir Barstad, the dishes are a combination of “classics and local traditions, with inspiration from the French kitchen”.

5. SELLANRAA Bok og Bar

Cafe, Coffee, Snacks

Courtesy of SELLANRAA

SELLANRAA is a coffee, food and book bar, all rolled into one. The staff encourage guests to feel at home here, with co-owner Eirin Klev explaining that they “like to offer something more than good coffee and exciting lunches, such as taking time to chat to guests, share recipes and stories about the inspiration behind the dishes and coffee we serve”. Her husband and fellow owner Fredric cooks up delicious but simple dishes using high-quality ingredients like pan-fried halibut and a selection of open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød. You can also sip coffee from well-known roasters such as Tim Wendelboe and Coffee Collective. After you’ve soaked up the cafés atmosphere, why not head into the Trondheim Public Library, which is next door.

6. Kaffebrenneriet

Coffee Shop, Pastries

Kaffebrenneriet, or the Coffee Roasters, is one of Oslo’s longest-running coffee shop chains, and now has two locations in Trondheim, with Kaffebrenneriet Dronningens gate the first outpost to open there in 2013. Kaffebrenneriet is passionate about quality, traceability and good ingredients, and it has an extensive menu offering between 16 and 20 different types of coffee. In addition to being a café where you can sit back and enjoy a coffee and baked goods, it also sells ground coffee, beans and brewing equipment. If you need help in finding out how the equipment works, the baristas are more than happy to help out.

7. Jacobsen og Svart

Cafe, Coffee, Pastries

At Solsiden and Brattøra, you will find the renowned Jacobsen og Svart, a café and coffee roasters. Considered locally to serve the best coffee in Trondheim, you can enjoy a cup with freshly baked cinnamon buns. The baristas roast the best coffee beans on the market, ensuring they are all fair-trade and handpicked. Head barista Tony Jacobsen has been roasting coffee since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that Jacobsen og Svart was established and became a sought-after meeting spot, soon becaming so popular that, in 2019, a second location was added. The ethos here is all about offering quality drinks and food, but breaking away from coffee snobbery. Instead, Jacobsen and his team want it to be a place where “grandmothers, punk rockers and mountain walkers” can all come and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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