11 of Bergen's Top Boutique Hotels

Site of the old Hanseatic League houses of Bergen, Norway |© Mariamichelle / Pixabay
Site of the old Hanseatic League houses of Bergen, Norway |© Mariamichelle / Pixabay
You already know that Bergen should definitely be on your list while visiting Norway. You even have a plan on what to do once you get there. But where should you stay in this picturesque city? There are definitely numerous options, but we picked the best based on location, design, and overall awesomeness.

The Hanseatic Hotel, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Hotel
Hotel room at Det Hanseatiske Hotel
Hotel room at Det Hanseatiske Hotel | Courtesy of Det Hanseatiske Hotel

How many times have you stayed at a hotel that’s located inside a UNESCO World Heritage site? The Hanseatic Hotel in Bryggen Wharf (right in the heart of where all the action is) is definitely your opportunity to do so. With 37 rooms that are all completely different from one another and offering genuine Nordic hospitality, this hotel will complement your Bergen experience perfectly.

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Hotel No13, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Hotel

The city of Bergen is probably more picturesque than it is urban, but Hotel No 13 combines the best of both worlds. The modern, stylish collection of rooms and the delicious dining at their newly opened No 13 restaurant will give you all the sustenance you need to keep exploring the city. Plus, it’s so centrally located you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of everything.

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Grand Hotel Terminus, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel
Junior suite at Grand Hotel Terminus
Junior suite at Grand Hotel Terminus | Courtesy of Grand Hotel Terminus

Grand Hotel Terminus combines old world charm with modern splendor. Widely known for its own whiskey bar (the only one in Scandinavia to be given gold status from The Great Whiskey Bars of the World), this is the place to elegantly relax in Mad Men style (A.K.A. with a glass of whiskey in hand) after a long day of exploring Bergen.

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Hotel Bergen Børs, Bergen

Independent Hotel, Hotel
Bergen Børs Hotel
Bergen Børs Hotel | Courtesy of Bergen Børs Hotel

Recently opened, Bergen Børs aspires to be Bergen’s most fashionable hotel. If the sleek design (that managed to transform an old stock exchange building from 1862), the great cocktails at the bar, and the central location of the hotel are any indication, we’d say they’re succeeding.

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Augustin Hotel, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel
Augustin Hotel
Augustin Hotel | Courtesy of Augustin Hotel

Α part of De Historiske, a membership organization for historical hotels and restaurants in Norway, Augustin Hotel is situated in a converted 400-year-old inn. With an award-winning wine bar and restaurant, a central location, and an air of understated luxury, Augustin Hotel is going to be your pied-a-terre.

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Klosterhagen Hotell, Bergen

Independent Hotel, Hotel, Boutique Hotel
Klosterhagen Hotell
Klosterhagen Hotell | Courtesy of Klosterhagen Hotell
Klosterhagen owes its name to the cluster of Middle-Ages monasteries that used to be on the premises around 1110 C.E. Perfectly located at Nordnes, where you can enjoy views of the mountains but still be able to reach the city center without any fuss, Klosterhagen offers 15 intimate rooms and delicious homemade breakfasts. Talk about a quiet refuge in a busy tourist destination.
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Steens Hotel AS, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast
Steens Hotel
Steens Hotel | Courtesy of Steens Hotel

If you need a quiet, charming place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then Steens Hotel, situated right by Nygård Park, is definitely for you. The refurbished late 1800s mansion has maintained all of its original charm, while at the same time offering its guests every modern amenity.

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Marken Guesthouse, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast, Hostel
Marken Gjestehus
Marken Gjestehus | Courtesy of Marken Gjestehus

Only a five-minute walk away from Bryggen, Marken Gjestehus is a guesthouse that will make you feel right at home. Simple, but clean and spacious, it has all the amenities you need while at the same time remaining a great value.

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Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Apartment
Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments
Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments | Courtesy of Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments

Situated just 200 meters from the National Theater and around the corner from Torgallmenningen square, Ole Bull Hotel & Apartments is a great alternative for those looking for a cozy and convenient stay in Bergen. Perfect for families and even long-term rentals, each apartment is equipped with its own dining area and has kitchen amenities.

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Luxury Art Penthouse, Bergen

Boutique Hotel, Luxury, Apartment
Luxury Art Penthouse
Luxury Art Penthouse | Courtesy of Luxury Art Penthouse

Boutique hospitality doesn’t get any more exclusive than this. At the Luxury Art Penthouse you can stay amid a colorful art gallery and an extensive collection of vinyls, at a self-catering apartment with a great view and state-of-the-art kitchen amenities—even indoor fitness equipment. If the weather is good, you’ll want to spend some time in one of the three balconies.

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Skuteviken Apartments Anno 1790, Bergen

Apartment, Hotel
Skuteviken Apartments Anno 1790
Skuteviken Apartments Anno 1790 | Courtesy of Skuteviken Apartments Anno 1790

If you’re looking for your little corner of the world in one of Norway’s prettiest cities, look no further: Skuteviken Apartments Anno 1790 offer quaint, charming accommodations in the old town area, a fully stocked kitchen, and even grocery delivery.

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