The Top 15 Things to See and Do in Druskininkai, Lithuania

Druskininkai|©Jonas Udris/Shutterstock
Druskininkai|©Jonas Udris/Shutterstock
Photo of Elizabeth Georgian
21 April 2017

Druskininkai is Lithuania‘s most beloved spa resort town. Its relaxing atmosphere permeates all hotels, restaurants, cafés, and activities, making it the ultimate escape for both local and international visitors.

The Joy of All Who Sorrow Church

Bright blue Russian Orthodox church in Druskininkai
Bright blue Russian Orthodox church in Druskininkai | © Elizabeth Georgian
This small but breathtaking Russian Orthodox Church is a shocking shade of bright blue, creating a bit of color in an otherwise grey area. The Joy of All Who Sorrow Church was built in approximately 1865, and the church is surrounded by a small square edged with beautiful wooden homes.

St. Mary’s Church

The beautiful, red brick St. Mary’s Church greets visitors to Druskininkai from its central position on the pedestrian-only Vilniaus al. St. Mary’s towers above other nearby buildings, easily catching the eye of all visitors. Built from 1841 to 1844, the original structure was eventually demolished and replaced with the current building in the 1930s. St. Mary’s Church played an important role in the life of the beloved Lithuanian painter, Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. The church holds mass several times per week, with services in Lithuanian and Polish, and can be visited for free.


Pedestrian Street: Vilniaus al.

Vilniaus al. is the main thoroughfare for pedestrians, connecting St. Mary’s Church with the Druskininkai Aqua Park, Hotel, and Spa. Along Vilniaus al., visitors will find shops, restaurants, spas and other accommodations, as well as copies of artwork created by M.K. Ciurlionis. Several unique statues also line Vilniaus al.

Druskininkai Aqua Park, Hotel, and Spa

Spa Hotel, Hotel
Druskininkai Aqua Park
Druskininkai Aqua Park | © Bokstaz/Shutterstock
A popular retreat for families, the Druskininkai Aqua Park, Hotel, and Spa holds everything you need for an entertaining and relaxing vacation, especially for those traveling with kids. The Aqua Park is kept at a constant temperature of 32°C to keep the chill out and allow visitors to indulge in swimming, saunas, and slides. Children are not allowed in the spa areas, which makes for an even calmer atmosphere.

Spa treatments

The number one reason to visit Druskininkai is to luxuriate during any number of spa treatments. Options generally include saunas, hot tubs, massages, and facials, varying from exotic amber or honey massages to more traditional. Spa treatments are surprisingly affordable in Druskininkai, making it a perfect destination to practice some serious self-care.

Spa facilities in Druskininkai | ©nikolpetr/Shutterstock

Gruto Park

Gruto Park
Gruto Park | ©Elizabeth Georgian
Gruto Park is a rather shocking attraction owned by an eccentric collector of old Soviet statues that were once widespread across Lithuania. Once removed from their former locations, many statues, propaganda materials, and other artifacts from Soviet times were collected and arranged at this site. The eerie propaganda music, along with larger than life statues of some of the most infamous Soviets, creates a creepy atmosphere. Located about a 15-minute drive from downtown Druskininkai, Gruto Park is a rather unique place to visit.

Relaxing at a café

Druskininkai is surprising in terms of its great cafés and restaurants. City Coffee is a wonderful hipster hub serving delicious coffee and Belgian chocolate cake; it is a perfect place to relax before or after the spa. Another great stop for an afternoon pick-me-up is Boulangerie, which is a small French bakery with good cakes, coffee, and tea.

Eating out

Delicious meal at Toli Toli | ©Elizabeth Georgian

Delicious meal at Toli Toli | © Elizabeth Georgian

After a day of swimming, spa treatments, and sightseeing, any visitor would want to indulge in delicious, creative food. Toli Toli is an excellent on Vilniaus al. (although you can find it slightly set back from the street). Toli Toli serves flavorful soups, main dishes, and snacks to share such as hummus platters.

Vilniaus al. 8, Druskininkai, Lithuania, +370 600 08542

Vijuneles Park

Park in Druskininkai | ©Elizabeth Georgian

Park in Druskininkai | © Elizabeth Georgian

Located right in downtown Druskininkai, visitors will find the naturally beautiful Vijuneles Park. Perfect for outdoor walks, running, biking, or swimming in the summer, Vijuneles Park provides a reprieve from indoor activities. The Druskonis and Vijuneles Tvenkinys Lakes, a cemetery, monuments, memorials, and playgrounds can also be found in Vijuneles Park.

M.K. Ciurlionis Memorial Museum

M.K. Ciurlionis is one of Lithuania’s most famous artists. The small M.K. Ciurlionis Memorial Museum is a branch of the M.K. Ciurlionis National Art Museum in Vilnius. The Memorial Museum is located in the Ciurlionis family home and exhibits the home decorated as it was when M.K. Ciurlionis lived there. A second building displays information about M.K. Ciurlionis’ life and art.


Snow Arena

The Druskininkai Snow Arena is a bustling indoor sports complex with two indoor skiing tracks, an outdoor track, chair lifts, restaurants, skiing lessons, and a play area. Younger children can play in the DruFunPark, which is a heated, indoor area with play structures and rides, and adults or older children can ski or snowboard on the indoor or outdoor trails. Ski and snowboard equipment is available for rent.

Cable car

Located at the end of Vilniaus al. near the Druskininkai Aqua Park, visitors will find a cable car running over forested hills, the Nemunas River, and ending at the Snow Arena. The cable car provides spectacular views of evergreen forests, the river, and Druskininkai. The cable car is open year-round to visitors.

Cable Car | ©Vilensija/Wikimedia Commons

Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park

Located slightly outside of the downtown, the Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park is home to numerous wood carvings with pagan and natural motifs. Lithuania is rather well-known for its wood carving traditions, and several other sights featuring carvings can be found in Lithuania such as the Hill of Witches and Orvidas Homstead. The highly rated Antanas Cesnulis Sculpture Park is set in Lithuania’s beautiful nature and features folk carvings by Cesnulis, who was born in 1948. Another highlight of the park is the 30-meter-tall windmill. Smaller works by Cesnulis have been exhibited in several locations in Europe.

Uno Park

Uno Park is an outdoor adventure park suitable for both children and adults. It has exciting activities such as rope courses, climbing nets, and air bridges. Children and adults are taught to properly secure harnesses while playing on the equipment, as safety is their number one priority. They even offer activities for toddlers who only just started walking, making this a great option for families and active couples alike.






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