The Most Beautiful Parks in Vilnius

Vilnius University Botanical Gardens  | ©Algirdas/Wikimedia Commons
Vilnius University Botanical Gardens | ©Algirdas/Wikimedia Commons
When the warm weather finally arrives in Vilnius, Lithuanians and practically move outdoors. Cafe and restaurant seating spills into the streets. The long days and summertime festivals create a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere. Visitors and locals flock to Vilnius’ parks and tree lined streets to chat and luxuriate in the sun. Join them at these six beautiful parks.

Vingis Park

Vingis Park is by far the largest park in Vilnius, spanning 400 acres. With a small botanical garden, sports complex, outdoor concert venue, several playgrounds, and plenty of benches to sit on and watch the world go by, visitors will certainly find some active, or inactive, fun. Numerous cycling and running trails weave throughout the park, and cyclists have the option to rent a bike. Though not in the city center, Vingis Park can be reached on foot or via an inexpensive taxi ride.


Bernardine Park

Bernardine Park
Bernardine Park | © Pofka/Wikimedia Commons
Located right in the city center, Bernardine Park is often crowded with families and couples on sunny days. With the Vilnia River running through it, the park provides a relaxing, safe, and beautiful place for kids to run around or play in the two playgrounds. Bernardine Park also has two cafes with outdoor seating, several beautifully manicured gardens, and outdoor chess tables.
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Vilnius University Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden
Vilnius University Botanical Gardens
Vilnius University Botanical Gardens | © Algirdas/Wikimedia Commons
Vilnius University has a beautiful Botanical Gardens, located about a 15 minute drive from Vilnius’ old town. The Gardens feature a lovely collection of peonies and dahlias, rhododendrons and lilacs, flowering in early spring when the weather is still cooler, create a stunning and beautifully scented place to spend the day. Admission to the Vilnius University Botanical Gardens varies depending on the season, but discounted tickets are available for families, and children age six and under are free.
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Europos Parkas

Europos Parkas, or Europe Park, is a sculpture park which celebrates Lithuania’s place in Europe. This 123 acre park is located approximately 17 km from the city center, but for those who have ample time, it is worth a visit. The massive statues sometimes blend into the surrounding nature, creating a unique atmosphere.

Europe Park ©Elizabeth Georgian

Europe Park | © Elizabeth Georgian

Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park

Located across the Neris River in the Zirmunai neighborhood, the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulenai Peace Park is a memorial park commemorating victims of the KGB. This park consists of beautifully manicured gardens, a manor, and the chapel of St. Theresa. This park is a serene place to visit not far from the old town.


Neris River Park

Walk along the Neris River
Walk along the Neris River | © Elizabeth Georgian
Neris River Park is a small, recently renovated park along the Neris River, which separates old town from new town. This park and walkway is a great place to marvel at Vilnius’ different architectural forms and see unique sculptures and the street art that adorns bridges. The Neris River Park also features a few cafes and vendors selling boat tours. Visiting the park is free and visitors will enjoy a relaxing walk.
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